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I’m assuming that if you’re reading this chapter you are human. Like all 

humans you are using your eyes, your brain and whatever other human senses and 

abilities that you have access to. You may have the idea that there are realms that 

you do not have access to, and you may wonder if they could be real. Are there 

really angels? Where is God? Is there life ater death?

For most of us, the answers to these questions are not directly veriiable. 

So, we’ve grown accustomed to depending on “expert” sources, like religious cler- 

ics or philosophy professors for answers, and we are asked to accept their answers 

on faith. Unfortunately, so-called expert sources disagree. Which source do we 

follow? Which religion worships the “real” God, if there is one? Most of us don’t 

bother making a serious investigation. Either we adopt the beliefs of our parents, 

a peer group or a popular consensus view and we hope that we’ve got it right, or 

we reject the beliefs of our parents and end up with no belief system at all. hen 

we base our lives on what we can validate with our physical senses: i.e., what you 

see is what you get.

Our purpose for living is relegated to the acquiring material things, gain- 

ing power over others, or being at the efect of others who are more masterful 

than we are at manipulating the laws of the physical world. hat is, we become 

slaves. If having a good time is within the realm of possibility we may just try to 

have a good time. hough for many people, life is not about having a good time. 

It is a struggle with sadness, sorrow, abandonment, bad health, alienation, poverty 

and fear.

he issues presented here have been inherent in the human condition 

since the beginning of recorded history. he purpose of this book is not to pre- 

sent another belief system or philosophy to accept on faith. I have had unusual 

conversations with those sources on the other side of the veil, and I have become 

convinced they are the very sources who have been the initiators of most spiritual 

movements and religions, the same sources who communicated with Moses, Je- 

sus, the prophets and untold others. Although I have been convinced, I don’t as- 

sume you should be convinced. I only ask that you study with an open mind the 

events that occurred in my life and the actual dialog transcripts. Ater ive years of 

this contact, I have concluded that it is real and I’ve observed the immense value 

created for others whom I have shared it with. I ask you to apply your own dis- 

cernment and draw your own conclusions.

In the second part of this book, are a series of dialogs that were conducted 

in question-and-answer format with a voice that identiied itself as the Council of 

Elohim. his Elohim voice has been in communication with me for over ive 

years (beginning in 2002) via two consecutive personal relationships. his con- 

tact has included some extremely accurate future prognostications, a miracle of

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