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his book presents what may be the most challenging, controversial and 

catalytic story you have ever been exposed to. here are many mysteries in life 

that seem unsolvable, particularly when one attempts to understand what hap- 

pens on the other side of the veil. Who is God? How does prayer work? Where 

do we really go when we die? If there is a just God, why is there so much sufer- 

ing? Are there angels? Etcetera.

Ultimately, there will always be a mystery, but I’ve had a series of personal 

experiences that seem to have unraveled some of the outer layers and to have 

given access to some of the structures of the other realms and how they function, 

which normally are obscured in this realm. If I am going to provide answers to 

these kinds of questions, why should you believe this particular set of answers 

when there are so many others to choose from? How can we ascertain that these 

voices, which have been communicating to me since 2000 by way of the channel- 

ings of two personal relationships, are who they say they are and that the cosmol- 

ogy they present is accurate? What kinds of guidelines can one use to even con- 

sider this kind of information? What criteria can you draw upon when we're talk- 

ing about things allegedly in other realms that cannot be validated by normal 

human perceptions?

I had to go through an extreme amount of soul-searching, research and 

experience to determine that maybe I had it right and that this was something 

worthy enough and important enough to put into the hands of others. In the irst 

part of this book, I'm going to share some of my personal experience and process 

that led to my validation of this connection.

I suggest that you should evaluate me. Am I trustworthy? What's my in- 

tent in writing this book? Am I intelligent? Am I delusional? Am I being misled? 

Am I connected with a dark force masquerading as a light force?

hen evaluate the Elohim.

If I am really communicating with what identiies itself as the Council of 

Elohim, and if they really are who they say they are, this may be the most impor- 

tant book on the planet. What if this group intelligence, identifying itself as the 

God in the Old Testament, is now explaining how they function and how they 

interface with our realm in a way that's never been presented in the history of 

humankind? What if they are giving the correct explanation for the transforma- 

tion, corresponding to the Mayan Calendar end date of 2012, which is happening 

on our planet right now and explaining why this period is so important concern- 

ing the evolution of our souls?

My story didn't happen in a vacuum. here are loads of witnesses, hun- 

dreds of tape recordings, a plethora of miracles, and much personal growth for 

everyone associated with me.

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