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!e Creator Gods of " Physical Universe Want to Talk to Y#

expectations. It has changed my life forever. If I would have read your material, I 
would have thought, ‘Cool; that's pretty neat.’ However ater experiencing and 

feeling the energy and the love, WOW! I have felt so diferent since that night. 

It is not going away either.”

One of the sources talking to me identiied itself as the Council of the 

Elohim. I googled the word Elohim and found explanations such as “the Creator 

God of this realm,” the “God of the Old Testament” and the “intelligence that 

spoke to Joseph Smith during his creation of the Mormon Church.”

heir answers to my questions were totally congruent with these past in- 

terventions. However, their explanations of how it all works are far more sophis- 

ticated than those of previous times.

How are you using your connections with these sources for the beneit of 


When I learned that they could beam energy into a room, I asked if they 

could beam energy into the space of those who would participate in a telephone 

conference call at disparate multiple locations, and they said they could. So a 

couple of years ago, I began holding conference calls on an experimental basis to 

see what would happen. Originally we would read some of the channelings, and 

people on the line reported feeling the energy; some were having experiences of 

healing. Eventually we started doing live channelings over the telephone and the 

participants of these calls reported that they could feel the energies. To get a 

schedule of conference calls, send an e-mail to:

Do you have anything to say in conclusion?

his is a crucial period for each person reading this regarding his or her 

own evolutionary process. If I understand it correctly, we are all making decisions 

right now that will afect our future lives without being aware this is so. We are 

ofering a huge amount of support, for those who can use it, to help people 

through this transition.

Here is a comment from someone who participated in the conference line

“If you are drawn, join.. Jump in with both feet if your heart is true. Beyond 

words or explanations.Pure Love.. And what else really matters? AWE- 

some!” —Laurie

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