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Frequently Asked Questions About My Work 5

he group souls I’ve been in communication with explain that they are in 

charge of administering this division of souls. he important thing is, they say, to 

keep one’s heart open and stay out of fear no matter what happens in the physical.

Why should one believe that the voices speaking to you through others are 

who they say they are and are giving you accurate information when it cannot 

be validated by any conventional means? Are people supposed to believe this 

on faith?

I always tell people: Do not believe anything I say. Study the material, do 

your own due diligence, and draw your own conclusions. In 2004, ater two years 

of my own personal immersion within this profound experience, my scrutiny let 

me no option other than to seriously consider that this is very real. here were 

numerous circumstances that brought me to my conclusion:

✦ heConsistencyandcongruityofthespiritualmessagescomingboth 

through my personal associates and David Wilcock.

✦ Demonstrationsofthesegroup-souls’abilitiestotranscendthelawsof 

physical time and space. Early on, they successfully predicted a newspaper 

headline two weeks in advance. A few months into my experience in 

2002, my sister was the recipient of a medical miracle, ostensibly because I 

asked for their intervention.

✦ heextremelylovingattitudeandwisecounselconsistentlybroughtforth 

by these group souls.

✦ hecross-referencingandcorrespondencesbetweendiferentchanneled 

sources (i.e., Carla Rueckert, Edgar Cayce, JZ Knight, and others) over 

the past 30 years.

✦ hephotographicseriestyingWilcocktoCayce.Peopletendtolooklike 

their past lives and meet the same people from one life to another. Wil- 

cock had a series of photos of people in his close inner circle that closely 

resembled many of Cayce’s closest associates. Subsequently, I stumbled 

upon a series of photos, drawings and depictions the likeness of which 

tied me to a recognized spiritual person in history. he probabilities of 

these similarities being random were billions to one. It all ties in with the 

prophecies of Jesus, the Mayans, the Hopis and others.

✦ heresponseofpeoplewhoattendedmylectures.WheneverIgavepub- 

lic talks, there was energy in the room, which many of those present could 

sense or see. his energy was not me. When I asked questions about it in 

the channelings, they said they were giving me support by “beaming” love 

light from their realm into the room.

Here’s an example of someone’s experience who attended one of my work- 


“I can honestly say I have never in my life felt that kind of energy, love, compas- 
sion and wisdom lowing so freely in one place before. It was beyond my wildest

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