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!e Creator Gods of " Physical Universe Want to Talk to Y#

the Elohim, initiated a series of ongoing dialogs that continues into present time. 

I learned I was under observation by these intelligences from the other side, 

namely the Ra Group and the Elohim Group. For a period of time, I felt like I 

was in the middle of a science iction movie as my friend would suddenly an- 

nounce, “hose guys want to talk to you.”

hey were responsible for all kinds of amazing happenings in my life, in- 

cluding the prediction of a newspaper headline in advance and the saving of my 

sister’s life in a medical miracle. hey were also reiterating the same information 

concerning the dimensional shit that was brought forth by David Wilcock in his 

Ra readings. his information formed the foundation of the book.

For a few years I was quite apprehensive about expressing my intimations 

publicly. My book was not yet published, and credibility was a major issue. How- 

ever, I did put up a website in 2003 where I shared my story, leaving the principle 

parties and myself anonymous. hat website is still up as an archive:

What is the cosmology that these group souls are imparting?

hey explain that our planet is at the end of a 75,000-year cycle and that 

we are in the midst of a dimensional shit. hings will happen in this period that 

have never occurred in the recorded history of humankind, and it could be help- 

ful for a resident of this planet to understand what is going on.

Weather changes and increased natural disasters are part of this shit. his 

period has connections with the prophecies of Jesus and the end date of the Ma- 

yan calendar, December 2012. he most relevant aspect of this current period is 

that the vibration of the earth is being upgraded. For people to partake of this 

upgrade, their heart chakras must be open slightly more than 50%.

Part of the cosmology presented includes reincarnation. We all have had 

many past lives, and ater enough life times and enough positive choices, we can 

graduate from this realm. Upon graduation, we would no longer inhabit bodies, 

but would exist as pure energy, oten times joining our spirit forms with one of 

these group-soul teams in the higher dimensions and helping those who are still 

trapped here.

his present lifetime on Earth has diferent possibilities than previous 

ones. Normally, if one goes through a particular lifetime without graduating, one 

would go onto the next physical embodiment on earth to continue the lessons in 

this realm.

his time, because the earth is graduating, if we don’t upgrade during this 

life, we may have to repeat hundreds or thousands of additional lifetimes; not on 

earth, but on another planet in another star system.

Imagine what life would be like on a new planet without those people 

with open hearts. he idea of hell comes to mind. I believe this is the esoteric or 

metaphysical explanation for the prophecies of Jesus of a new Heaven and New 

Earth; one will be taken and one will be let behind.

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