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Introduction to the Law of One

The “Law of One” is the universal law of love, which explains the spiritual and scientific principles of the multiverse 
(multiple universes). It acknowledges that your soul is a unique portion of the Creator. Our soul is a single unit of 
consciousness that stems from the creator’s consciousness. This is known as “Infinite consciousness.” All units of 

consciousness are interconnected to all other types of consciousness. Everything that exists is called the “Creator” 
(also known as the Source). Infinite consciousness is the universal energy that exists everywhere or “All that is.” 
The Creator has no gender. Infinite consciousness is neither male nor female. There is no such thing as “God.” 

This is a human word. The term “God” does not mean a single patriarchal, masculine bearded man that 
mainstream religions have falsely personified, but represents “Infinite Consciousness.” The Creator represents the 

life force energy, the infinite intelligence, and the work engine of creation, which is omnipresent and exists on all 
planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The Creator does not have a physical body; rather it is plural 
and refers to the sum of all units of consciousness in the multiverse (Infinite consciousness). Everything that exists 

is divine. Everyone is divine. You are Christ!

The Creator is “Omniscience” (all knowing), “Omnipresent” (everywhere all at once), and “Omnipotence” (all 
powerful). These two concepts “Infinite Consciousness” and the “Individual Consciousness” are the key principles 

for understanding the Law of One. Firstly, you must realise that all consciousness is equal. We are all fragments of 
same consciousness, it is original source of consciousness, and each one of us will eventually return home, to this 

source energy or the Creator. Imagine the source, as one big ball of energy and each particle of light is one soul. 
You stem from this ball of energy. Your soul is that unit of individual consciousness. “All is one,” means everything 
that exists, is the source energy – the infinite Creator. All creation is infinite consciousness and a living whole.

Each one of us was given a divine mission – go away and explore ourselves. Learn, grow, and understand 
everything that has been created and eventually rejoin the Creator after having learnt everything that is infinitely 
possible to experience and having acquired the highest understanding of creation itself or “All that is.” Your path of 

evolution is unique to you, but you are not separate from other souls, rather your individuality is your unique story 
and journey to understand creation. Your mission is achieved by ascending your individual consciousness through 

each of the dimensions within the universe. To begin your mission, you had to experience a variety of intense 3D 
lessons on Earth, including selfishness, pain, poverty, love, anger, etc. Earth is a planet to begin evolving your 
consciousness at the infant level, until you consciously realise this illusion and choose to stop experiencing those 

dense lessons and decide to continue your spiritually growth beyond this dimension.

Your soul, the non-physical part of you, needs to constantly seek out new experiences to grow, expand, learn, and 
explore itself. Therefore, the most important principle in the Law of One is the understanding that every soul is 

currently experiencing and learning different spiritual lessons to your own. Because we are all one, there is no right 
or wrong. In the spirit world, a souls rank or degree of spiritual advancement has been achieved from their 
accumulated wisdom within the 3dimension. Reincarnation has been the tool for spiritual growth. In regards to 
the Law of One, there is no such thing as sin, judgement, punishment, heaven, or hell. These beliefs were falsely 
created by humanity. In regards to reincarnation, please understand, when all souls return to the spirit world, they 

are only respected for their adoration and the difficult lessons they have selected to experience for their own 
spiritual advancement on the Earth plane. Medieval religion and not Christ, created the notion of judgement and 
punishment after death, and as a result you have been falsely taught to believe in the concept of the anti Christ. 

The Law of One only recognises “infinite love” of the Creator, which exists within everyone and everything.

Each time a soul incarnates, it selects a religion that can nourish its spirituality. This is why humans are not 

godless; you are consciously evolving to once again regain your connection with the Creator. The two key 
attributes of divinity - unconditional love and compassion are the key qualities and core characteristics that 
underpin the Law of One. More importantly, Law of One is not a religion, because it is not a man made doctrine, 

rather it is an universal law that states that you are “Christ.” You do not have to wait for salvation, because you 
already hold the power to learn, demonstrate, and practice divinity (unconditional love and compassion).

You are an individual unit of consciousness, but we are one! No person can claim to be greater than another. For 
many souls on the planet, they have now reached the end of their 3D incarnational cycles in duality. They are 
ready to break free and continue advancing and experiencing the 4th dimension. That is the purpose of the 

Ascension. When ascension is experienced properly, a person is never the same and never sees their reality in the 
same manner again. From that point on, everything becomes clear and you finally realise you are a spiritual being 
connected to everything that exists. Materialism, selfishness, and greed become a thing of the past, and you 

accept the very thing you always wanted - new Earth offers you world peace and unity. To join new humanity, 
reflect on this question: How much love (your energy, time, wisdom, and being) are you prepared to freely share to 
help others?

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