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Personal Ascension

Planetary ascension is different to personal ascension. Earth has been undergoing planetary ascension for 
decades, where the planets magnetic fields have slowly adjusted to a higher frequency, which prepares the planet 

for a planetary shift. Ascension means to “move up, evolve, or progress.” Earth’s ascension is a separate 
evolutionary process to human souls, but we are all invited to accompany Lady Gaia. The possibility is that you can 
complete the personal ascension program, before Earth moves into her new home.

Personal ascension is a full mind, body, and spiritual program. From a spiritually perspective, personal ascension 
means “the conscious decision to evolve as a spiritual being and progress to the next dimension within the 

universe to experience a higher vibrational state of existence or new reality.” This is your divine mission - to 
experience different dimensions within the universe and advance your consciousness. Right now, you are invited to 
release yourself from the lower vibrations of this dense, physical, 3dimension and choose to rise up to a higher 
frequency. Ascension is a personal choice. Many people will decline; some will ascend for spiritual reasons, whilst 
others may wish to experience a new way of living on new Earth.

One of the aims of personal ascension involves increasing the vibrational configuration of your body, to ensure you 
are compatible to live on Earth’s new frequency and to keep you vibrationally anchored to the planet during the 

planetary shift. This is called physical ascension. To understand this, you need to perceive the physical body as 
both biological and as energy. The first of your energy bodies is called the ethereal body, which is the invisible 

clone of your biological body, it is an exact duplicate, and has its own specific frequency signature, which is 
determined by the status and health of your seven primary chakras. Each of your primary chakras has a specific 
frequency, so the overall number of fully functioning chakras determines your energy signature. For example, when 

the lower chakras are blocked and not fully functioning, you would have a lower energy signature. That lower 
energy signature is not compatible with new Earth.

Personal ascension is designed to help you gradually raise the frequency of your energy signature. There is a 
direct energetic relationship between the ethereal body and your consciousness. How does this work? Your 
thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviour, and emotions are commonly known as your consciousness. Your 

consciousness is YOU. Therefore, your consciousness is simple conscious energy that feeds directly into your 
chakra system. Currently, your 3D consciousness is not compatible with the higher frequency. The aim of personal 

ascension involves “expanding your consciousness,” which means once you have consciously decided to release 
yourself from the 3rd dimension or this reality and decide to live on new Earth, you will need to begin making the 
necessary changes in your life, such as changing your thoughts and emotions to align yourself with new 4D 

consciousness. As a result of this process (new conscious energy), you automatically begin to increase your 
energy signature to a higher level. An individual that can achieve the higher frequency and take steps to hold that 
higher vibration is known as a “Lightworker.”

Personal ascension involves completing a number of activities. These are specific strategies that increase/amplify 
the frequency of your consciousness, which will automatically raise the frequency of your energy signature. You 

cannot fake ascension, because a person’s energy signature determines the outcome at the time of the planetary 
shift. The following table summarises the learning outcomes contained within the personal ascension program. It 

simply involves using ascension activities to align the four (4) bodies into a unified “MIND/BODY/SPIRIT” body, 
also known as your “Light Body.”


• The relationship • The relationship • The purpose of • The principles of Law 

between ethereal between
emotional clearing or of One
body and energy consciousness and
karmic cord cutting,
• The relationship 
the ethereal body,
The purpose of between Individual 
• The use of chakra • The difference
releasing the ego and Infinite 
healing to remove between “Service to from 3D physical Consciousness
energy blockages,
Self” and ‘Service to attachments,
The principles of Christ 
• The use of chakra Others”,
• The principles of Consciousness,
balancing to align Understanding the Divinity
The purpose of 
• • 
the primary chakras,
principles of Unity (unconditional love freewill &
• Understand the Consciousness
and Compassion)
principles of energy 


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