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The Ascension Study Guide


The vibratory nature of our solar system is rapidly changing as it draws closer towards the completion of the 
26,000-year minor cycle in the procession of the equinox. The density in the nucleus of every atom on the planet 
has slowly amplified to a higher frequency over the past 60 years. We are now approaching the end of the grand 

cycle and in the near future; Earth and our neighbours will spiral upward into a new dimension, regardless of 
humanity’s readiness to ascend.

Lets begin with an overview of your divine purpose:

You are a spiritual being, or a soul currently having a human experience. In the beginning, you 
were a fragment of the Creator/Infinite Consciousness that was broken off eons ago as a soul - as 

an individual unit of consciousness. You were given a simple mission – go away and experience all 
the different types of realities & existences known to the universe, learn and advance your 
knowledge & wisdom and eventually you can return home to rejoin the Creator, after having a 

complete understanding of “all that is”. To do this, you must evolve through a number of 
dimensions, which are different realities where you can learn and experience yourself in different 

physical forms. Presently, you are experiencing the 3rd dimension as a human being for you’re 
spiritual growth on Earth. However, you have been reincarnating on this planet for thousands of 

years and selected a wide variety of different life’s to advance your consciousness, by 
experiencing the 3D spiritual lesson of “Duality,” where you have emotionally experienced and 

explored the highs and lows of every different aspect as a human being. After each physical 
death on Earth, you returned home to the spirit world and begun planning your next incarnation. 

For many of you, your soul or consciousness has now finished experiencing duality in the 3rd 
dimension – you have nothing else to learn. Life is not defined by physical death, your soul is 
immortal, incarnations have been all about the spiritual advancement of your consciousness, and 

now it is time for you to decide to take the next evolutionary step and ascend to the 4th 
dimension. Spiritual ascension refers to “your conscious decision to evolve as a spiritual being 

and progress to the next dimension to experience a new reality that operates under a 
different spiritual law to continue your spiritual growth.”

Please understand that every soul will ascend at the time of the planetary shift. At the time of this great event, your 

frequency or energy signature determines your destination.

Humanity only has two (2) options. Firstly, the people that participate in the personal ascension program and 
achieve a higher frequency will ascend to new Earth in the 4dimension (4D). Alternatively, the folks who decide 
not to participate in the personal ascension program and choose to remain at the lower frequency will die naturally 
during the shift and later reincarnate on an alternative 3rd dimension (3D) planet in the universe.

To understand personal ascension, you must firstly understand the main concepts that underpin the process. The 

content of this study guide has been developed on the following principles:

You are a soul or unit of consciousness interconnected to the universe and the Creator,
• Your body contains your consciousness (this is YOU - thoughts, intelligence, emotions, memories etc),
• Each dimension has different spiritual laws that govern what souls learn and experience,
• To master your 3dimensional lessons, you have reincarnated on Earth over many lifetimes,
• As a spiritual being, your divine mission is to continually evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually,

• Your human body consists of two different systems, the biological body and the human energy system, and
both bodies interact and sustain each other.

Lastly, the “Law of One” are universal principles that explain the purpose of why we are here, the nature of the 
universe and the spiritual laws that govern what you experience in each dimension. In addition, the law explains the 
purpose for your spiritual progress, how spiritual consciousness is interconnected in all things, and teaches the 

divine truth that every soul is an essence of the Creator.

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