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The Ascension Study Guide


By Jingo, Golly, Gosh!

Let me please introduce myself. I am a Lightworker, a Messenger of Truth and Teacher of Divinity, who 

volunteered to incarnate on Earth to help the Spiritual Hierarchy and Celestial Councils complete the “Christos 
Awakening Mission,” and I am known by what you call the Angelic Realm as “Master Tony.”

On Earth today, there are literally millions of spiritual beings known within your new age community as 
Lightworkers, who volunteered to incarnate on this planet during this lifetime to provide their assistance to Earth 
and humanity at this special time. These great spiritual beings have come from many different Celestial Councils 

across the multiverse. These are known as “Starseeds,” but we are all essentially “Ascension Angels” and these 
spiritual beings include spiritual teachers, healers, and other celestial beings from far distant planets, star systems, 

dimensions, and universes.

My divine mission involves providing you with the following information:

• To help you understand your connection with the Creator,
To discover and awaken your Christ consciousness (Divinity),
• To inspire you and help you reclaim your divine right to continue with your spiritual evolution,
• To ensure you have the information to complete your personal ascension before the planetary shift.

This is collectively known as “Ascension Consciousness,” which refers to your personal understanding and 
awareness of a) Earth and planetary ascension, b) the mechanics of personal ascension, and c) the spiritual laws 

that govern the forth dimension.

Please understand that I had a requirement to provide you with only the facts, so you can quickly comprehend, 
accept, and make your own decision on how you wish to confront this reality. It is for this reason, none of the 

information presented in this document has been sugar coated, fluffed up, or surrounded in religious, angelic 
expressions or hyperbole. Much of the information may conflict with your current understanding and beliefs about 

your physical world.

The goal of the study guide involves expanding your consciousness (open your mind to new thoughts and ways of 

thinking) and presenting the key information that can motivate you into action. More importantly, the study guide is 
a spiritual lesson that will help you realise that you are more than just human, but a “spiritual being” having a 
human experience. More importantly, it is your freewill and divine right to decide what course of action you wish to 


I would encourage you to firstly read the entire study guide, and then make your decision about participating in the 

ascension. For the people who have decided to participate in ascension, it is highly recommended that you re-read 
this document before commencing the personal ascension program.

Note: In regards to the term “Master,” this title refers to a spiritual being who has had extensive experience 
incarnating on different planets across the universe as a messenger and teacher of ascension (lightworker). 
Likewise, this term also relates to the personal ascension process and refers to a person who has completed their 

ascension and has mastered their ability to ascend past the lower vibrations and take full control of their mind and 
body to remain in the higher frequency.

In addition, this study guide was written for “newbies” or “beginners,” the people who have no previous knowledge 
about ascension concepts or have little understanding of the human energy system. It is anticipated that some 
readers will have a greater understanding of the principles presented in this document.

This study guide presents one possible path for completing personal 

ascension. It is not the writer’s intention to declare that you cannot ascend, 
because you have decided not to follow these guidelines. Freewill permits 
you to research and use an alternative ascension program, model, or tool 
that resonates with you. No spiritual teacher or guru holds the keys to your 

ascension. You, and only you, know in your heart what is right for you!

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