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The 3rd Dimensional Law: Service to Self

“Service to Self” (STS) governs the spiritual path for the 3rd dimension. STS is a polarised reality created by the 

collective consciousness of humanity, which permits souls to reincarnate and explore either positive or negative 
human experiences. This dimensional law means that humankind collectively created a 3rd dimensional negative 
planet, which is based on the spiritual lesson of “Duality and Ego.”

“Ego” refers to pursuing human activities to support your human existence, such as materialism, wealth, status, 
sabotage, and power preoccupation (power over overs, control & enslavement). Duality was created by humanity. 

“Duality” means humanity created the polar opposite in human conditions that can be consciously experienced. For 
example, living standards are polarised between poverty to wealth or public vs. private education. You have been 
reincarnating to emotionally explore duality or a range of negative & positive human experiences including fear 

(pain, remorse & guilt), judgment, greed, selfish, love, survival, etc.

Our civilisation existing here right now is the fourth root race that has existed on Earth to learn the same 3D 

spiritual lessons (Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis & Humanity). Earth has always been used as a planet to seed infant souls. 
Earth is a school for learning duality and understanding “opposites,” which has helped you fast track your spiritual 
growth. Reincarnation and freewill have been the tools for 3D spiritual growth. For every fantastic lifetime of love, 

joy, and happiness, there has been an equally strong and negative emotional experience of devastation, hardship, 
pain, and suffering. This is the purpose of duality - to fast track spiritual development. There are no such things as 
Hell, the Devil or Satan; these are false manmade beliefs, which were created for explaining away the unloving 

attributes of pain, suffering, chaos, and destruction created by our early civilisation (infant souls). Most of humanity 
thinks we are born; you live, and then die. This is incorrect! As souls, each one of you has had a multitude of 
different lifetimes on Earth. Before each incarnational cycle, you decide exactly what lessons you want to learn, the 

basic requirements for your life and the type of polarised experiences you want to explore on Earth.

Reincarnation has helped you master your lessons in duality. You have been killed and killed by others; you have 

been male and female including a mother, father, son, uncle, grandmother etc. We have been a soldier, warrior, 
villain, farmer, and artist. We have experienced suffering, disease, illness, poverty, pain, joy, love, freedom, and 
fear. To learn from all the possible lessons of duality that has been possible on Earth, we have experienced 

everything different human aspect available on the planet. Today, many souls have now come to the end of their 
cycle of duality. After thousands of lifetimes, many of you have nothing more to learn on Earth. The major purpose 
of reincarnation involves the clearing of “uncompleted” life lessons from previous lifetimes. However, after you have 

mastered your lesson, you do not repeat them in another lifetime. The number of experiences or reincarnated lives 
is completely a matter of choice for each soul. Some souls may choose to experience several hundred incarnations 

or others may master that same lesson after five incarnations. There is only one rule – it is all about spiritual 
development. This is the purpose of your divine mission; you have put yourself through many lifetimes and 
polarised experiences to acquire and progress your wisdom (intelligence and knowledge) and spiritual self.

Back home, before you incarnated from the spirit world, a group of 6D spiritual advisors helped you decide exactly 
the lessons you wanted to experience in this lifetime. The term “Heaven & Hell” are human terms – these places do 
not exist. Between incarnations, all souls return to the “Spirit World,” which is located in the middle level overtones 

of the 4D. Your spiritual advisors are known as your “Council of Elders,” which includes your best friend you 
selected to manage your incarnational contract when you arrive on Earth. This spiritual being is known as your 

“Master” (or primary guide). The Council reviewed your spiritual lessons and further refined those lessons. This is 
known as your “Incarnational Contract,” which serves the purpose for each incarnation. Your contract also involved 
the need to teach and/or learn from other individual/s or groups of souls, thus you established mutual contracts with 

others. Situations/events were formulated, which would be the catalyst to bring the group of souls together to learn 
these lessons. Once the soul contract was finalised, you then selected the secondary aspects such as the time and 
place of your birth, your parents, siblings, sexuality, health status, etc and then you finally incarnated into the body 

during gestation ready to begin a new incarnation. When you were born, you had amnesia (known as the Veil of 
Forgetfulness). You started your new life without any recollection of previous incarnations or understood the 

lessons you had to master in this lifetime.

Each spiritual being has taken a different spiritual path to your own. There is no right or wrong. Every good and bad 
experience has been one step closer to perfection. Your spiritual development are been dependent on your ability 

to consciously evaluate each human experience, understand those lessons, and accept the consequences of your 
actions. Else, your soul will replay the same script using different actors during the next lifetime. That’s the purpose 
of your life lessons – you elect to have certain experiences that enable you to overcome your weaknesses, until 

your perfect those lessons. Under duality, peace and unity was not the spiritual lesson for you. Duality was 
designed to allow you (self) to explore polarised experiences. The question now is do you want to remain in duality 
or graduate and continue your spiritual growth, advancement, and evolution in the 4dimension.

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