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Dimensional Laws for Spiritual Development

As a soul, it is your divine mission to evolve your consciousness and to experience everything exists in the 
universe. To do this, your consciousness must master a range of different spiritual lessons that define each 
dimension, before you can ascend to the next dimension. Each dimension or reality is a place for experiencing 

ourselves for evolving our consciousness. Each dimension has a specific “spiritual curriculum” that we must 
master, before we can graduate. This is known as the “Law of Progress.” All consciousness has a divine purpose 
to evolve, explore, and ascend through the 12 dimensions. Our human experience is the first path for our spiritual 

growth and we have scripted and rescripted each lifetime to master those 3D lessons. Your evolutionary path can 
be pictured as a ladder or spiral of spiritual growth over the entire universal spectra or space/time continuum. When 

we come to the end of our exploration and have consciously experienced everything that exists or “All that is,” 
before finally rejoining the octave of infinite knowledge and infinite consciousness.

Your rank or position within the “Hierarchy of Consciousness” (or Spiritual Hierarchy) defines your degree of 
spiritual development. Your spiritual advancement refers to your level of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge you 
have accumulated over many incarnational lifetimes. This hierarchy can be visualised as a spiral consisting of the 

primary colours that correspond to the visible light spectrum. Your consciousness or soul has a unique frequency 
signature, which means your position corresponds to a specific colour and overtone within this hierarchy. Each 
incarnation aims to progress your consciousness to a higher frequency. Your frequency determines what 

dimension you can consciously experience, so currently, the frequency for your consciousness permits you to only 
experience the 3rd dimension. The ascension program is designed to help raise the frequency of your 

consciousness, which provides you the opportunity to ascend and consciously experience a higher dimension.

The following table represents the stages of spiritual laws for each dimension. For example, for eons, all human 
st nd 
souls, in the form of mass consciousness experienced the 1dimension. Later, we spiritually progressed to the 2
dimension as a basic life form eg: animal, and then graduated into a higher or more intelligent animal, before finally 
evolving into the 3rd dimension to become a self-aware human being. From here, we started the process of 

experiencing endless incarnational cycles in the 3D time/space continuum to continue our spiritual advancement, 
until we have the opportunity to graduate or ascend to the next dimension and keep continuing the path of evolving 
our consciousness.


8th -12th Dimension
Service to the Cosmos (Infinite Love and Infinite Light)

7th Dimension
Service to All (Universal Love and Universal Light)

6th Dimension
Service to One (Divine Love and Divine Wisdom)

5th Dimension
Service to Love (Unconditional Love and Unconditional Wisdom)

4th Dimension
Service to Others (Unconditional Love, Compassion and Unity)

3rd Dimension
Service to Self (Duality, Ego, Love, Divine Separation and Self Awareness)

2nd Dimension
Service to Growth (Conscious, Sentient, Reproduction and Instinct)

1st Dimension
The Creation of Matter and Individual Consciousness

It should be noted that your household pets are sentient life forms with 2D consciousness (known as elementals), 

which coexist in the 3D time/space continuum. They have not yet spiritually progressed to the level of 3D 
consciousness. Elementals are destined to incarnate into 3D life forms (human), so they can explore and 
experience 3D consciousness. New Earth will have animals and plants, but you need to spiritually understand that 

elementals are spiritual beings and like humans, they also have their own spiritual path to follow. From a spiritual 
point of view, household pets selected their owners for a reason. You already know deep within yourselves that 

they have a soul. Animals do not have an ego; they live on love and instinct. They know no other way. Household 
pets selected their owners for a spiritual reason - to learn the 3D law of unconditional love and friendship. In other 
words, you agreed in this incarnation, to spiritually help every household pet you owned to evolve closer to 3D 

consciousness. More importantly, if you have make the decision to participate in personal ascension, then you 
have your answer – your household pets will most likely be joining you, but you must prepare yourself in the same 
manner as you would for friends and family who have decided not to participate in the ascension process.

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