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The Law of One

The following information is a brief summary of the Law of One. The Law of One states that it is the only primary 

law in the Universe. The Law of One simply acknowledges, “all things are one and all spiritual beings are one,” 
which originated from the “Infinite Creator.” In other words, all souls, each universe and everything that exists or the 

collective consciousness that exists with the multiverse stem from the same conscious energy, known as “Infinite 
Consciousness.” Therefore, the Creator is plural, meaning the totality of all forms and degrees of consciousness on 
all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse, which originated from the one single source of energy. 

Hence, the name “Law of One.”

Infinite consciousness divided itself into many parts, but we are all one. Each soul is an individual unit of 

consciousness (co-creator) is a personification of the Creator. We are responsible for evolving our consciousness 
through the space-time continuum, so eventually we can return home and rejoin the Creator, but we can only join in 

solidarity after having learnt “All that is.” Every soul is taking the same journey, but each soul has evolved at a 
different level. The teachings of the “Law of One” describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for 
each dimension. It is a single philosophical system, which merges cosmology, science, and spiritualism.

The main principles of the Law of One are summarised below:

Infinite Consciousness:

The Law of One is the universal law that acknowledges that all things that exist (All that is) within the 
multiverse stem from the one source, known as Infinite Consciousness,
The Creator can also be called “Infinite Creator, “Supreme Being” and the “Source”,
• The Creator is the “Infinite Intelligence” behind creation,
• There is only one supreme consciousness in the multiverse,

The Creator is Omni-intelligent (All knowing) Omnipresence (everywhere all at once) and Omnipotence (all 


Individual Consciousness:

Each soul is an individual unit of consciousness that originated from the one source, known as Infinite 
• Each soul has a universal kinship with one another, because all things in the universe stem from the same 
infinite consciousness,

Each soul has a divine purpose – to evolve and experience all aspects of creation, learn everything that is, 
and eventually rejoin the creator and become part of infinite consciousness.


The Souls Divine Mission:

• Committed to the Law of One and the desire to evolve into the higher dimensional realms, 
• Embody the divine qualities of unity, love, compassion, and respect as part of your being, 
Consciously practice and demonstrate divinity (unconditional love and compassion), 
• Respect yourself and others,
Awareness of the Creator in yourself and others,
• Accept all experiences are lessons for spiritual growth,
• To love, respect and honour all spiritual beings including Earth, nature, and all living things,

• Accept that you are all connected and part of the human family, so what affects one, affects all,
• Accept that each spiritual being has taken a different spiritual path to your own,

• Advance one’s own spiritual wisdom,
Dedicate yourself to the service of others by sharing and teaching your knowledge and wisdom, without 


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