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The Ascension Study Guide

Welcome Message

This study guide has been written to introduce the concept of “Ascension” to the public. This document will 
describe a number of topics including planetary ascension, the Law of One, new Earth, the multidimensional 
universe, and the human energy body. A personal ascension program for both adults and children has been 


Let me introduce myself? In the new age community, I am known as a “Lightworker,” or what your mainstream 

religions would call a high-ranking angel. I volunteered to incarnate on Earth from the higher dimensions (or what 
you call the Angelic Realm) to help prepare humanity for ascension. As a messenger and teacher of divinity, it is 
my mission to provide my spiritual service to you for free. I am required to provide you with information about the 

upcoming planetary event, and with any luck, inspire you to undertake the personal ascension program. So, 
consider this study guide as my official advice to each one of you. Please read this document, study it, or delete it! 

The choice is yours!

So, what is Ascension? Ascension is plural for “Planetary Ascension” and “Personal Ascension.”

Let me explain?

Our Milky Way galaxy revolves around the universe like a cosmic clock, which consists of a number of 
interconnected cycles of time. There are twelve major cycles and these are divided into twelve minor cycles. When 

our galaxy fully completes orbiting all these processional cycles after some 16 billion years, this is called a grand 
cycle. This is what is happening now. For us on Earth, the end of the grand cycle will coincide with the completion 
of the 26,000-year minor cycle, known as the “Procession of the Equinoxes.” All these cycles of time are 

converging back to their original start position to reboot or reset – this is zero time, which is the start of the next 
grand cycle. That natural process allows the entire galaxy to progressively evolve and spiral from one level within 
the universe to the next. These levels are called “Dimensions.” You can visualise these dimensions as each of the 

primary colours in the visible light spectrum (beyond gamma). Each of the primary colours (ROY-G-BIV) has their 
own density, frequency, and wavelength. As you move up the light spectrum or form one colour to the next, the 
frequency increases. Before any planet can naturally shift upwards to the next dimension, the frequency of the 

planet must firstly be compatible with this new area of the universe.

When the solar system orbits through the universe, different sources of cosmic energy have been responsible for 
the gradual increase to the planets frequency. This process is called “Planetary Ascension,” and Earth has been 
undergoing ascension for decades. Earth and our neighbours are currently positioned in the 3rd dimension, or the 

yellow colour of the visible light spectrum. When our solar system completes the grand cycle, it will eclipse the 
upper dimensional plane and that event will catapult Earth and our solar system into the 4th dimension, or the green 
colour in the light spectra. This event is called a “Planetary Shift.” This event can be visualised as two gigantic 

spheres or balls eclipsing each other. Each sphere represents a dimension. Visualise the top part of the yellow 
sphere or third dimension intersecting the bottom part of a green sphere or fourth dimension. This intersection is 
called a dimensional shift, which means the entire solar system will shift to the fourth dimension. The term 

planetary shift refers to a planetary object such as Earth ascending to the fourth dimension. Ascension means to 
evolve, progress, and move up to the next dimensional level. Earth is ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 4th 


It is highly expected that the planetary shift will occur sometime between the 22nd September 2012 equinox and 
before the 21December 2012 solstice. The planetary shift will occur without warning, and the event will be 
spontaneous. Earth and the entire solar system will literally shift into the 4th dimension. Earth changes have been 
occurring, but they are a natural part of the planetary ascension process, and the doomsday predictions 

surrounding 2012 such as comets, asteroids, and polar reversals will not happen.

The planetary shift does not signal the end of the planet – it is the completion of the old 3D timeline and the start of 

the 4D timeline. “New Earth” is the name given to our planet after it ascends into the higher frequency or the 4th 
dimension. Earth will ascend with or without humanity. This is unconditional, but your ascension is conditional. 
rd th 
Currently, our physical bodies or our 3dimensional body’s are not compatible with the higher frequency or the 4
dimension. Therefore, to join the planet and continue living your life in the 4th dimension on new Earth, you must 
complete your personal ascension.

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