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The Planetary Shift and 2012

Like all cycles of time, they start at one point and orbit full circle to return to their original position. This is what will 

happen during 2012. The completion of the grand cycle means our Milky Way galaxy is spiralling back to the 
original start position to commence the next grand cycle. From a geo-mathematical point of view, ascension 
operates on base 12. The end of the grand cycle will occur when our solar system enters the 12th and final 

ascension cycle. The 12th wave of the ascension begins in late January 2012 and continues through to mid 
December 2012. This countdown is also directly aligned to the remaining equinox and solstice dates during 2012, 

which coincides with the completion of a 26,000-year cycle, known as the procession of the equinoxes.

UTC Dates for Solstices and Equinoxes

20 Mar
20 June
22 Sep
21 Dec

A “Dimensional shift” refers to the intersection of two-dimensional spheres, which permits the entire solar system to 
ascend into the next highest dimension or time/space matrix, and the term “Planetary shift” refers to a planetary 

object (and its inhabitants) ascending to the next highest dimension. It is the dimensional shift that will actually 
catapult Earth out of the 3rd dimension (3rd density) into the upper overtones of 4th dimension (4th density).

nd st 
When will the dimensional shift occur? Anytime between the 22September 2012, and the 21December 2012.

However, the timing for a planetary shift is not constrained by linear time, and nor will it occur on a specific 
cosmological or astrological date. Please understand two important things influence the mechanics for a planetary 

shift. Firstly, the intersection or the rotational eclipse of the two-dimensional planes automatically creates an 
energetic gap that acts as a multidimensional gateway, which permits the entire solar system to spiral upwards to 

the next density. However, Earth and our solar system will continue to remain orbiting the 3D timeline and 
periodically eclipse the upper dimensional plane for the first few of months of 2013. Each eclipse will trigger a 
gateway or dimensional opening to the higher galactic plane. That is why you need to appreciate that the planetary 

shift will be a spontaneous event and will occur without warning, because any of those dimensional eclipses will 
catapult Earth instantly into the 4th density. The folks that wish to join Earth must complete their ascension 
beforehand, so when the wave of energy hits the planet, they will remain ethereally anchored to the planets 

ethereal body.

Secondly, the frequency of the planetary grids must also be compatible with the frequency of the 4th dimension. 

When a planetary sphere has not achieved the required frequency, the planet cannot shift across to the next 
density. During each dimensional eclipse, the planet would essentially bounce out or deflect and return to its 
normal orbit in the 3D timeline. After the completion of the grand cycle, the two galactic planes will separate and 

assuming a planet did not ascend would remain on the 3D timeline to complete another 26,000-year cycle. More 
importantly, after the September 2011 solstice, Earth’s planetary frequency grid officially moved into the higher 
frequency. Right now, Lady Gaia is now only waiting for humanity to catch up! Without trying to weaken the 

importance of dates or sound speculative, the remaining equinoxes, solstices and eclipses in 2012 are also 
extremely powerful dates, each presenting the final codings for ascension, which will continue to raise the 

vibrational frequency of the planet (and for those people undertaking personal ascension).

It is highly probable that Earth will shift at anytime after the last equinox cycle commences on the 22nd September 
2012 and before the next solstice commences on the 21st December 2012. More importantly, assuming the shift did 

not occur on and before the “21 December 2012,” this is a warning to humanity that the grand event is still 
imminent. If you are still here on Earth celebrating New Years Eve (2013), you must understand that any days you 
enjoy after that winter/summer equinox means that you are still officially on standby. Please remember that the 

planetary shift does not officially mean the end of the planet; it signifies the end of the 3D timeline and the people 
that ascend with Earth, will commence their lives on new Earth on the 4D timeline. The later half of 2012 

represents the final codings to Earth’s frequency grid and the cosmic activation for the dimensional transition.

Please keep an open mind that the planetary shift can happen without warning 
and there is no precise date when the grand event will occur. Please do not give 

credence to dates from ancient prophecies and 2012 predictions, because 
those dates have already been and gone & we are still here! Survival is not the 

aim of personal ascension.

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