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The Space/Time Continuum

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. “Time/Space Matrix” is simply another name for “Density.” 
Therefore, each of the 12 sub frequencies or overtones in the 3rd dimension is collectively known as our 
“Time/space matrix” (or the 3D frequency band). The cycles of time on the cosmic clock allows a planet to 

gradually spiral through the time/space matrix or through each of the twelve overtones within the dimensional 
frequency band over eons of years. When the planet reaches the top of the frequency band, it interconnects and 
overlaps with the above dimensional frequency band (or the next time/space matrix), which creates a natural 

gateway to that density. This allows a planet and its inhabitants to continue spiralling into the next time/space 
matrix. There are 12 primary stargates along the universal spectra and each corresponds to the openings that exist 
rd th 
between dimensions 1 to 12. The 3density Earth stargate will connect with the 4density stargate, or the next 
dimensional frequency band or time/space matrix.

All the twelve “Time/Space Matrices” is collectively known as the “Space/Time Continuum.” Visualise the space 
continuum like a railway track. Each track represents a specific sub frequency or overtone. Simply think of each 
track having its own “RGB” properties, which equates to specific overtone. Therefore, the entire railway track 

represents the space continuum (or visible light spectrum), which simply consists of an infinite number of tracks 
(sub frequencies).

“Time” refers to a specific sub frequency within any given time/space matrix (not linear time such as date & year). 
Thus, each time/space matrix is simply a grouping of sub frequencies or overtones within the space/time 

continuum. When humanity refers to the “past or future,” it actually refers to a particular sub frequency along the 
space/time continuum. That sub frequency, overtone, or coordinate has its own specific frequency & wavelength, 
but when linear time is overlayed, that sub frequency or overtone would correspond to a specific human date & 

year. Consider the following hypothetical: The year 2011 within our time/space matrix represents a sub frequency 
or overtone of 3.8, thus assume we shift to the overtone of 3.2. Now, we move into a lower dimensional sub 
frequency or overtone within the time/space matrix, and from a human perspective, this would reflect a particular 

date & time in Earth history. Remember, everything in the universe is a vibration or wave occupying the same 
space, thus time can only be measured as frequency, and hence our universe can be considered timeless, 
because there are infinite frequencies that exist within the space continuum. Therefore, the Space/Time Continuum 

is one large universal frequency band or one octave of reality consisting of a number of smaller octaves or sub 
frequencies grouped into Time/Space Matrices.

Our consciousness exists in the 3rd dimension, which is our “Time/Space Matrix” for experiencing ourselves 
between incarnations. The frequency of our consciousness is vibrationally aligned to the frequency of this 

dimension or time/space matrix. The frequency of your 3D consciousness is allowing you to have a physical 
experience on Earth. Therefore, when you undertake ascension, you are changing the frequency of your 
consciousness, which alters the dimension you can experience. Every spiritual being begins its origins in the lowest 

time/space matrix, and continues to evolve its consciousness through each time/space matrix to fully experience 
the entire space/time continuum.

The biggest mistake our world
has made about the notion of

other life forms in our cosmos,
has been interrupting the
universe through our 3D

frequency. Only a small fraction
of what we perceive in our
universe exists in the 3D

wavelength as visible matter; the
rest exists within the space

continuum on other frequencies.
Every planet scattered amongst
the different galaxies has a

different frequency within the
space/time continuum. Space is
separated by frequencies and

wavelengths and each wavelength is simply a gateway or door to another dimensional reality. Life on Earth 
currently exists on one of those frequencies, therefore from a vibrational perspective there are infinite realities 
existing on other frequencies.

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