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Dimensions and Densities

The multidimensional universe has the structure of the visible light spectrum. The visible 

light spectrum consists of several primary colours, for example red, orange, yellow, green, 
etc abbreviated as “ROY-G-BIV,” but other colours exist beyond gamma.

Each primary colour represents a “Dimension,” which has its own specific properties such 
as density, frequency, and wavelength. For example, the 1st Dimension is represented as 
“Red,” which is located at the bottom of the spectrum. The 2nd Dimension is orange and so 


Between any two dimensions or primary colours, there are 12 overtones (or sub frequency 

bands). For example, to progress from one primary colour (eg: Red) to the next highest 
primary colour (eg: Orange), you need to ascend through 12 different shades/overtones of 
that primary colour before you move into the next highest colour or dimension (or octave). 

Dimensions are separated by wavelength, like notes on a musical scale. Each tone on the 
scale sounds different, because of its frequency and wavelength. The frequency pitch for 
each overtone increases as you move towards the next highest primary colour. Therefore, 

the term “Density” refers to the grouping of frequencies occupying the space between two 
primary colours in the visible light spectrum (known as a dimensional frequency band). For 
example, the 12 sub frequencies or overtones within the 3rd dimension (yellow) is 

collectively known as the 3rd density, and the sub density frequencies for each of the 12 
overtones within the 4th dimension (green) is collectively known as the 4th density, etc.

A “Density” is simply a wavelength barrier, which divides primary colours into frequencies 
groups along the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, all the possible frequencies and 
sub frequencies (overtones) within the yellow band is collectively known as the 3rd density. 
In regards to ascension, we are energetically moving up from the 3density or from the 
upper overtones of the 3D frequency band to the upper overtones of the 4D frequency 
band or 4th density.

The visible light or frequency spectrum is a simple way of dividing the entire universe into 
dimensions. That is why dimensions coexist in the same geographical space, because 

each dimension has a different frequency and wavelength. Dimensions are like musical 
scales – it is a bandwidth of frequencies consisting of 12 overtones or sub frequencies, 
and each tone on the scale sounds different, because of its wavelength. In addition, the 

sum of all frequencies in the multiverse (12 universes * 12 dimensions * 12 overtones) is 
collectively known as the “Universal Frequency Matrix” (the Creator). The universe is 
composed of light, as well as different levels of density. Everything within the universe is 

composed of vibrational frequency patterns. The dimensions are arranged and grouped 
according to their vibrational frequencies. Higher dimensions resonate at a higher 

frequency, and the lower, denser dimensions resonate at a slower vibration.

“Dimension” is simply a reality where spiritual beings of the same frequency & wavelength coexist, interact, and 
evolve. Our 3D consciousness can only consciously perceive and interact with 3D objects in our universe, because 

our consciousness is aligned to the 3D frequency & wavelength. To physically interact with another dimension, the 
frequency of consciousness needs to be aligned to that dimension. After we ascend to the 4D, our perception 
about our universe will change, because you start to realise that other things do exist in our universe, but it was just 

that our frequency was incompatible. The visible light or electromagnetic spectrum is the key to understanding the 
universe, because “space” is separated by frequencies & wavelengths, which is interwoven as different 

dimensions. To understand dimensions, you really need to understand colour theory, which teaches tonal 
frequencies and harmonic waves.

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