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The Multidimensional Universe

In regards to ascension, this section will briefly outline the structure of the multidimensional universe, which will 
help you understand the term “Dimension.” Please note: there is no requirement that you need to believe and 
accept this model for understanding the universe and dimensions.

The structure of our physical universe is geometrically shaped as a tetrahedron, 
which consists of 12 different layers called “Dimensions.” These dimensions 
Vector 1
determine what we perceive around us and how we live in it. A dimension can 
also be called a “plane of existence” or “reality.” Each dimension has its own 

unique vibrational properties, such as sound and colour. Everything within
the universe is composed of vibration and frequency.
Vector 2

The 12 dimensions are divided into dimensional groups called “Vectors.”

Each vector contains three (3) dimensions. Each vector is composed of a 

specific grouping of frequencies and wavelengths, which corresponds
to a primary colour within the visible light spectrum. Higher dimensions
Vector 3
have the highest frequency, because they exist at the top of the visible

light spectrum (beyond gamma).

Each dimension is composed of sub atomic particles of light moving at different 
frequencies and wavelengths. They do not collide or even recognise
each other. We exist in the 3rd dimension (yellow), which means the
Vector 4

other dimensions are invisible to us and undetectable to our human
senses. The 12 dimensions coexist in the same physical space, but each 
dimension is separated by different wavelengths. That is the reason why the 
other dimensions are invisible to us. The sub atomic particles of light in the 4
dimension (green) are flowing past the 3rd dimension; they simply slide past 
each other and do not physically interact. Therefore, each dimension has their 

own specific properties, namely their own density, wavelength, and band of 

Consider the following hypothetical. Visualise yourself sitting on a chair in your
kitchen. Now imagine there are 12 different versions of you occupying the same

room or space, but each version of you has a different primary colour (or
frequency). The different versions of you pass through the same space you occupy, but they exist in a different 
dimension. Each version of you, room or chair has a different wavelength. For example, our 3D reality has the 

properties (frequency & wavelength) of yellow. Your consciousness is vibrationally attuned to the 3D wavelength, 
which determines what you physically see and how you interact with objects. The 4th dimension has a different set 
of properties, which corresponds to the next highest colour in the spectrum, hence you cannot see anything from 

the 4D reality, unless you change the frequency of your body to correspond to the frequency of the 4th dimension.

Each dimension has its own specific frequencies and wavelengths. In order to exist and consciously experience the 
4th dimension, the vibrational frequency for “matter” (liquid, gas, solid) and “consciousness” (you) must correspond 
to the same properties of that dimension. Life in the universe is not limited to the 3rd dimension; it is just that we 

cannot see the other realities that exist, because those realities have a different frequency and wavelength that do 
not correspond to our 3D senses. Therefore, our physical existence on Earth is simply one of many infinite realities 
in the “Multidimensional Universe.”


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