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The Ascension Study Guide

The Ethereal Body

In regards to ascension, one of the most important concepts for you to understand and need to accept, is the fact 
that everything in your reality is energy. Your soul is energy, all matter is energy, and your physical body is made of 
electromagnetic energy. YOU are energy. You are a unified energy system. All parts influence each other.

Every living thing has two different types of bodies. The first is the biological body, which is composed of matter 
such as organs, skeleton, muscle etc. Your biological body contains millions of cells and the chemical processes 

within these cells generate electromagnetic energy. The interconnection of all this energy creates a full body 
electrical circuit. This radiates as an electromagnetic field around the biological body, which is known as the human 

energy body.

The first layer of the human energy body that exists just beyond the biological body 

is called the “Ethereal Body” (or Etheric). The ethereal body extends about 2-5cm 
in front and around the biological body. This is your life force body, which 
maintains, energises, and interacts with the biological body. The ethereal body is 

your invisible clone and it is an exact duplicate of your biological body. Your 
ethereal body is still classified as a physical body, but it consists of ethereal or anti 
matter. Ethereal matter has a higher frequency than physical matter, which means 

it is still classified as physical, but has a different dimensional frequency and 
wavelength. Ethereal matter is superimposed over the biological body, but exists in 

a higher frequency, but occupies and coexists in the same physical space. This is 
the reason why you cannot see it in our 3rd dimensional reality.

The ethereal body radiates its own electromagnetic force field around the physical 
body known as the “auric field” (aura or auric body). Your ethereal body is made up 
of tiny particles of electromagnetic energy that radiate as light (anti matter). The 

human chakra system is the interface between matter (biological) and anti matter 
(ethereal). Each of the seven primary chakras has their own specific frequency, 
and the overall health of your chakras determines your frequency pattern or energy 

signature for your ethereal body. For example, when your lower chakras are 
blocked or partially blocked, you will have a low frequency signature. In addition, 

the frequency of your energy signature determines the level of brightness or 
dimness of your auric field. The various energy blockages, imbalances, and 
distortions within the ethereal body (chakras) will determine the state of health in 

your physical body.

Therefore, each of you has a specific energy signature that is determined by the

overall condition of the chakra system. Every person is like a radio channel,
functioning on a different frequency. The chakras are transformers of energy
(input/output), which supports and energies the physical body. Ascension involves

clearing and removing blockages or unwanted frequencies from the chakras, and
then taking steps to bring the total bodily chakra system into balance. The process

of healing each chakra amplifies or increases the frequency of your energy
signature. As a result, the old 3D auric field is replaced with a new and higher
frequency auric field. As you progress through this study guide, this process will be

explained. The most important rule to remember is that there is an energetic relationship between matter (ethereal 
body) and your consciousness (thoughts, attitudes, feelings, beliefs and emotions).

In regards to planetary ascension, please reflect on the following concept. All living things comprise of matter and 
radiate an ethereal body. Your ethereal body was created at the time of conception. That life force energy was 

supplied to us during gestation, from the Earth’s biosphere (food, water, etc). As a result, every living thing has an 
ethereal body and we all connected and anchored to the planets ethereal body. Therefore, energetically speaking, 
humanity’s negative behaviour and actions such as war, pollution, nuclear waste, etc has a direct impact on Lady 

Gaia life force, because any negative energy stored within our ethereal bodies filters directly into the planets 
ethereal body. In addition, during the planetary shift, the planets ethereal body and everything ethereally attached 
will shift to the next dimension. Therefore, physical ascension simply involves increasing your ethereal frequency to 

ensure you are compatible with the planets ethereal frequency, thus you remain vibrationally anchored to the 
planets ethereal body.

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