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Infinite Consciousness (The Creator)

This section will now describe “Infinite Consciousness.” Regardless of your personal views, please remember to 

keep an open mind in regards to the endless explanations to explain “Creation.” Creation is composed of two 
materials. The first is known as “Consciousness” and the other is “Light.” Consciousness is the basic building block 
of creation in the cosmos; it is your soul, it is energy and you are a unit of infinite consciousness. Light is the 

physical manifestation of creation, it exists as both matter and anti matter, which allows consciousness to 
experience itself in physical or non-physical form. Thus, “Love” (consciousness) and “Light” (matter) are both forms 

of energy.

All universes are made up of consciousness stemming from a single, 

supreme source of infinite consciousness, known as the Creator. The 
“multiverse,” the living cosmos or super universe is shaped as a 
Metatronic cube (see image on the right), which consists of 12 individual 

universes interconnected into a spinning spiral, and each physical 
universe has more than 12 dimensions. The basic gestalt energy or 
geometric vibration in each physical universe is called the photon. It is 

the basic particle of light. The different combinations and complex 
vibrations of photons create atoms, matter, and the physical material that 

exists within each universe. Infinite consciousness is commonly 
expressed as “All That Is.”

We are composed of both “love and light” or “matter and consciousness.”
Matter (solids, liquids and gases) is composed of varying amounts of
electromagnetic energy held in a state of tension. Electrical energy and

magnetic energy are the two building blocks for creation and the
foundation of all existence. W e are a single vibrational unit of
consciousness that stems from universal energy called “Infinite Consciousness.” In other words, although we an 

individualised and separate soul, we are connected to this universal energy and thus we are seed/unit of the 
creator’s consciousness. Therefore, we are all energetically connected to each other, to each universe, other 

dimensions, planets, atoms and all others units of consciousness.

“All that is” also refers to all the frequencies or dimensions that divide and 

create the multiverse. The multiverse is itself a living organism, which includes 
Earth, our universe, other universes, and all the spiritual beings contained 
within. That is why the Creator or “Oneness” is difficult to describe, because 

infinite consciousness expresses itself in everything and everywhere and when 
it all comes together, it is known as the Creator or Source. In order for 
consciousness to evolve, it must experience itself via a corporeal body 

consisting of matter. This is called a “sentient being.” Consciousness is the life 
force energy that allows matter to become sentient. Consciousness is the 

creator, and matter or light is created by consciousness.

Our consciousness uses a human body to explore and experience itself, but 

consciousness can also experience itself in different corporeal shapes and 
forms. Earth is composed of matter. It is a corporeal body. Consciousness can 
explore and experience itself as a planet. Earth is a living and sentient being, 

and the name of this soul is “Lady Gaia.” In addition, all living things that originated The Monadic Universe 
from naturally occurring processes on the planet, which means they are composed 
consists of 12 individual 
of matter are sentient beings. More importantly, matter does exist beyond our universes & each universe 
human perception. All living things on Earth (matter) also have an invisible twin of has 12 dimensions.
itself, which is composed of anti matter. This is known as the ethereal body (see 

next page).

Please note that the term “Consciousness” does not mean the same as “Human Consciousness.” This refers to our 

conscious awareness and interaction with our environment using our physical senses and our ability to respond to 
our physical surroundings. A human existence allows you to experience yourself, so you can acquire and develop 
new intelligence, thoughts, and emotions during each incarnation. Therefore your “Consciousness” is twofold: it is 

the total sum of wisdom that you have experienced from all your incarnational lives, and secondly, it allows you to 
consciously experience yourself in the physical world, thus you are “conscious” or “self aware” of your reality.

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