Page 5 - Archetypes Study Workbook
P. 5

“To put this into perspective we must gaze then at the stunning mystery of 

the one infinite Creator. The archetypical mind does not resolve any 

paradoxes or bring all into unity. This is not the property of any source 

which is of the third density. Therefore, may we ask the student to look up 

from inward working and behold the glory, the might, the majesty, the 

mystery, and the peace of oneness. Let no consideration of bird or beast, 

darkness or light, shape or shadow keep any which seeks from the central 

consideration of unity.

“We are not messengers of the complex. We bring the message of unity. In 

this perspective only may we affirm the value to the seeker of adepthood of 

the grasping, articulating, and use of this resource of the deep mind 

exemplified by the concept complexes of the archetypes.” – Ra, Session 97


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