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Part I: Introduction to the Major Arcana

Introduction of the cards in the order suggested by Ra

“ Our first stage was the presentation of the images, one after the other, in the 

following order: one, eight, fifteen; two, nine, sixteen; three, ten, seventeen; 

four, eleven, eighteen; five, twelve, nineteen; six, thirteen, twenty; seven, 

fourteen, twenty-one; twenty-two. In this way the fundamental relationships 

between mind, body, and spirit could begin to be discovered, for as one sees, 

for instance, the Matrix of the Mind in comparison to the Matrices of Body and 

Spirit one may draw certain tentative conclusions.”-Ra, Session 88

“Recall at all times, if you would use this term that the archetypes are a 

portion of the resources of the mind complex.”-Ra, Session 78

“We wish not to form that which may be considered by any 

mind/body/spirit complex to be a complete and infallible series of images. 

There is a substantial point to be made in this regard. We have been, with 

the questioner’s aid, investigating the concept complexes of the great 

architecture of the archetypical mind. To grasp the nature, the process, and 

the purpose of archetypes more clearly, Ra provided a series of concept 


"In no way whatsoever should we, as humble messengers of the one infinite 

Creator, wish to place before the consideration of any mind/body/spirit 

complex which seeks its evolution the palest tint of the idea that these 

images are anything but a resource for working in the area of the 

development of the faith and the will.


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