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“The philosophy was to create a foundation, first of mind, then of body, and 

then of spiritual complex. Those concept complexes you call the tarot lie 

then in three groups of seven: the mind cycle, one through seven; the 

physical complex cycle, eight through fourteen; the spiritual complex cycle, 

fifteen through twenty-one. The last concept complex may best be termed 

The Choice.

“Upon the foundation of the transformation of each complex, with free will 

guided by the root concepts offered in these cycles, the Logos offered this 

density the basic architecture of a building and the constructing and 

synthesizing of data culminating in The Choice.” - Ra Session 77


This document was compiled to help the seeker discover the hidden wisdom 

of Major Arcana through the study of the archetypes of the Mind/Body/Spirit 

complex as suggested by Ra in the Law of One series.

I, in no way, intend to infringe upon any legal rights. This packet was 

assembled for personal use and to aide anyone else who is led to this study.

It is intended to be helpful when seeking deeper understanding of the Major 

Arcana, as explained. The content of this workbook supposes the reader is 

already familiar with the Law of One Series.

The images of the Major Arcana are from the Law of One, Book IV and 

LawOfOne.Info. For more information about what Ra had to say about each 

archetype, please visit

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Compiled 11/2010

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