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Leonardo's and CBS's Eye

We now superimpose two Fibonacci spirals, a female spiral 
(broken line) and a male spiral (solid line) [Fig. 9-18]. We saw a 

perfect reflection before [see Fig. 8-11]. The male spiral (A) 

-ouches the top of the "eye" and spirals up and around clock-
wise. The female spiral (B) passes through zero point (C), the 

centeroftheeye,thenupandaroundcounterclockwise. (This 
eve in the middle, by the way, happens to be the CBS eye, which 

makes me wonder who those guys were who designed their cor- 

porate image.) This eye is a lens, though Thoth sees it as an eye. 
It's the geometry through which the mind of the first level of 

consciousness interprets Reality. This drawing represents the 
Aboriginal level of consciousness with 42 + 2 chromosomes

the author regrets that he has lost the scientific reference paper 

from Australia to prove this fact). It's the first level of human 
consciousness on Earth, and it's the first time human 

consciousness becomes self-aware.
Fig. 9-18. A different perspective, showing the 
Notice that this figure and the next two (out of Leonardo's 
canon, which we used before) have the same geometries CBS eye in the center, at zero point (C).

[Figs. 9-19 and 9-20]. Both patterns have a 64-square grid and 

the same inner structure, although the circle and square are dif- 
ferently positioned in the Leonardo drawings. They're interre- 

lated, making me wonder who Leonardo really was and what he 
was really studying!

Fig. 9-19. Leonardo's original grid. ;' Fig. 9-20. A female spiral superimposed on Leonardo's human grid.

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