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The Three Lenses

At this point, now that we know that the three levels of consciousness 

were known by the Egyptians, we'll go back to those three geometric draw- 

ings and study them carefully. They are the lenses that each level of human 
consciousness uses to interpret Reality: the 8 by 10, the 10 by 12 and the 14 

by 18. We'll begin by drawing the 8 by 10, the first level of consciousness.

Thoth showed me an ingenious way of constructing this drawing with- 
out measuring or calculations. You need only a straightedge and a compass. 

He showed me directly, saying that this would save me a lot of time [see in- 
structions at bottom right for Fig. 9-15].

When the last step is completed, you have a grid of 64 small squares in- 
Fig. 9-15a. Step l.
side the large square, with exactly one additional grid square's width be- 
tween the large square's perimeter and the large circle's circumference 

[Fig. 9-16]. The large square measures 8 grid squares across and the large 

circle measures lO across—a perfect 8 by 10. And you didn't need a ruler to 
measure it!

Fig. 9-15b. Step 2.

1. Draw a vertical line, then draw a cir- 

cle on the line [Fig. 9-15a].
2. Draw five more identical circles cen- 
tered on the points where the vertical 
line crosses the circumference of the Fig. 9-15c. Step 3.
Fig. 9-15d. Step 4.

previous circle [Fig. 9-15b].
3. Draw a horizontal line through the 
pointsofthemiddlevesicapiscis. Cen- 

tered where the horizontal and vertical 
lines cross, draw a large circle around 
the four middle circles [Fig. 9-15c].

4. Draw the same size circle as in
Fig. 9-15b centered over the horizontal 
line starting at the edge of the large 
circle. Create five more circles in the 
same manner as step 2, only horizon- 
tally [Fig. 9-15d].
Fig.9-15e. Step 5.
5. Construct a phi-ratio square with 
sides passing through die long axes of 
the four outer vesica pisces.

6. Within the square, draw parallel lines 
through each tangent point (where cir- 
cles touch but don't cross) and also 

through the long axes of each of the re- 
maining vesica pisces [Fig. 9-16]. This Fig. 9-16. Step 6: An 8-by-10 grid of the first level of 
gives you an 8-by-10 grid.

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