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ings, I would spend two or three weeks in front of one, like a meditation, 

just gazing at the image. I might spend half a day and make only one line to 
fully understand the implications that line has for nature.

A Snag in the Ladder

Before I combined the two drawings, Figures 9-12 and 9-13, extracted 

from Lucie Lamy's original drawing, I started by drawing a concentric circle 
for every line on the ladder except 20, shown in Figure 9-13a.

Notice that on the original drawing [Fig. 9-8], the central circle was di- 

vided into exacdy five horizontal components, or rungs on the ladder 
(don't count the horizontal line running through the middle of the circle). 

You can clearly see that on the original drawing. Therefore I assumed that 

the other circles of the Fruit of Life pattern would also be divided into ex- 
actly five components. Pretty straightforward. I did that. Here it is [Fig. 9-

14], but only the top three vertical circles, leaving out the rest for simplic- 

ity's sake.

Each circle has five equal components. The only problem is that it 

didn't fit, it didn't work. I couldn't believe it! I'd thought it was going to be 
a simple thing, and I would go on from there, but it didn't fit. It just simply 

didn'tworkgeometrically. SoIwentbackandcheckedthetwodrawings, 
can't be wrong here. There it is, plain as day. 
thinking, I But when I put them 
back together again, they still would not superimpose.

After many, many hours I went back and studied Lucie's original draw- 

ing again. There were definitely five divisions in the middle circle and 

seven divisions on either side of it. Then I got a special little instrument to 
measure the size of the steps of the ladder. I discovered that the seven divi- 

sions below and the seven divisions above the central circle were smaller 
than those inside the central circle! She had changed the sizes to make 

them fit! Lucie knew that we're on a disharmonic level of consciousness; 

Fig. 9-14. Dividing the circles into five she knew the ladder wouldn't fit without changing some of the measure- 
ments, but she wanted to put it all into one drawing. So she made it fit, 
equal components.
knowing that if people would just study it, they would understand that the 

level she was drawing.with-the 19 divisions, was a disharmonic level of con- 

It was subtle in a manner similar to Leonardo's canon of man, where he 

wrote in a mirror image on the top of his drawing so that you would have to 

hold up a mirror to read it. In the same way, the original drawing of Lucie's 
is the male aspect, and the female component of it is a mirror image. Many 

of the ancients were constantly changing things to hide knowledge. It's like 

a little game to hide what you don't want to be known by the outer world. 
When I realized that, I really began to understand that this is truly a 

disharmonic level of consciousness, and I knew then that the Egyptians also 

understood this. After that I began to spend a lot more time studying 
Lucie's drawings.


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