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As you're going to see later in this chapter, this diamond view is the key 

to our second level of consciousness. You'll see this in the Great Pyramid 
and also in other works I'll be showing you. The square with the diamond 

inside is very important to humanity. Buckrninster Fuller also thought it 
was very important. This form, when in 3D, is called the cuboctahedron. 

Bucky gave it a special name: the vector equilibrium. Bucky observed that 

the cuboctahedron has the amazing ability, through rotation, to become all 
five Platonic solids, giving a clue to its paramount position in sacred geome- 

try. Why is it important to humanity? Because the square with the dia- 
mond inside it is connected to one of the primary reasons for human exis- 

tance—the role of moving from Aboriginal, the first level of consciousness,

to Christ consciousness, the third level.
When you measure the human geometries using this system, we humans

are on by about three and a half radii. We're not even close to being har- 

monic (You could measure this yourself if you wish.) We're a disharmonic 
consciousness, though we are necessary to complete life. So when life gets to 

where we are, it gets in and out as fast as possible, like jumping on the rock in 
the middle of the stream. Why? Because when we are disharmonic, we de- 

stroy anything and everything around us. If we stay there too long, our lack 

of wisdom will destroy even ourselves. If you look at the world's environment 
and our continual wars, you can understand. Yet we are essential to life.

Geometric Lenses to Interpret Reality

The next thing Thoth wanted me to do was look at these three different 
levels of consciousness geometrically so I could see what these geometrical 

lenses looked like. Remember, there's only one God, only one Reality. But 
there are lots of ways to interpret the Reality.

The innermost square (the fourth) in Figure 9-5 represents the first 

level: the middle square (the fifth) the second level; and the outer one (the 
seventh) the third level. I'm going to call the inner square an 8 by 10, 

meaning that it has eight radii per side and its relating circle (the fifth) has a 

diameter of ten. The middle square is 10 across and the sixth circle 12, so 
I'm calling it a 10 by 12. This is the middle or second level,

which we exist on now. For the Christ-consciousness level, 
there are 14 radii across the square (the seventh) and 18 ra- 

--- across the ninth circle, so we'll call that a 14 by 18. So we 

have an 8 by 10, a 10 by 12 and a 14 by 18.
Sow, there's always a reason for everything in sacred ge- 

ometry.Nothing—absolutely nothing—occurs without a 
reason. You might ask why, out of the whole spectrum of 

possibilities, did self-aware consciousness begin when the

fourth square went into harmony with the fifth circle?

Fig. 9-5. The three levels of human 
consciousness in terms of units or radii 

in their circle-square pairs.

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