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and approximate the perfection of the phi ratio or the Golden Mean. So 

the fourth square relative to the fifth circle and the seventh square relative 
to the ninth circle form near-perfect phi ratios. Those happen to be, ac- 

cording to Thoth, the first and third levels of consciousness. They are very, 

very close to being harmonic consciousness, which makes them self-aware. 
Remember the nautilus shell (page 210)? In the beginning it was not even 

harmonically close, compared to several steps further down the geometrical 
path. It is the same here. But what happened to the second level of human 


According to Thoth, no one has ever figured out how to go from Lhe first 
level, which is where the Aboriginals are, straight into the third level, 

whichisChristorunityconsciousness. Weneededtohaveasteppingstone 

orabridgebetweenthetwo—whichisus,thesecondlevel. Thequestion 
now is, where is our level of consciousness in this drawing?

Locating the Second Level

There are two places where we (ordinary humanity) 

could be on this circle/square system: on the fifth or the 

sixth square relative to some other circle. There are only 
two squares between the first and third levels in Figure 9-1. 

From my way of seeing, I didn't know what difference it 
would make which square we were on, and Thoth wouldn't 

tell me. He just said, "It's the fifth square relative to the 

sixth circle" without explaining why. So for two or three 
years I was wondering why it was the fifth square relative to 

the sixth circle and not the sixth square relative to the sev- 
enth circle. Still he wouldn't tell me. He simply said, "You 

figure it out." It took me a long time to understand why. 

When I finally figured out why, Thoth simply gave me a nod, 
meaning I was correct. Here are the three levels of con- 

sciousness with the other nonharmonic squares removed
Fig. 9-3. The three geometric levels of [see Fig. 9-3].
human consciousness on Earth: square 
If we rotate the square by 45 degrees [see Fig. 9-4] into a diamond, the se-
4 and circle 5 = first (aboriginal) level; 
square 5 and circle 7 = second (pres- cret purpose of our existence becomes apparent. In this view the rotated fifth 
ent) level; and square 7 and circle 9 = square very closely approximates the location of the seventh square. It is not 
third (Christ) level.
perfect because we are not harmonic ourselves, and we do not have a perfect 
Christ love, but we show the way to Christ consciousness by our human love. 

And further, we are still connected to the first level because our geometry 

perfectly touches the fourth circle of the first level of consciousness. We con- 
tain the Aboriginal consciousness perfecdy, and we imperfecdy contain the 

Christ love. This is what we are—a connecting bridge.

This is the key to why human consciousness is found in this particular 

geometric relationship and why it is necessary. Without our present way of 

seeing the one Reality, the first level of consciousness would never be able to 
evolve into the higher light. We are like a rock in the middle of a small Fig. 9-4- Rotating the second-level 
square 45 degrees bridges the second 
stream. One jumps to it, but immediately continues on to the other side.
and third levels of consciousness.

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