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completely defines how that specific level of consciousness will interpret 

the one Reality. Each level is a geometrical image or lens that spirit looks 
through to see the one Reality, resulting in a completely unique experience. 

Even the spiritual hierarchy of the universe is geometrical in its structure, 

copying nature.

According to Thoth, there are nine crystal balls beneath the Sphinx, one 
insidetheother. Archaeologistsandpsychicshavebeensearchingforthese 

crystal balls for a long time—it's an ancient legend. It is said that these crys- 
tal balls are somehow connected to the consciousness of the Earth and to the 

three levels of consciousness that humans are now experiencing.

Various seekers have searched for the nine spheres, spending a great 
deal of time and money, but according to Thoth, you don't need the crystal 

balls; you just need to draw nine concentric circles, because it's just as re- 

vealing. If they'd known it was geometry and consciousness they were seek- 
ing and not necessarily an object, the knowledge would have come easier.

According to Thoth, if you were to approach a planet you've never seen 
before and wanted to know the different levels of consciousness experi- 

enced on that planet, you would take some of the little beings on that 

planet and measure them, assuming you can get them to hold still long 
enough. From those measurements you can determine the square-and-cir- 

cle sacred ratios connected with their bodies, and from this information de- 
termine their exact level of consciousness.

Other ratios, always derived from the cube, are used to determine the 
levels of consciousness in other than the human 

form, such as animals, insects and ETs, but in the 
case of humans, it's the circle and the square. By 

seeing if the square that fits around the body is big- 

ger or littler than the circle that goes around the 
body, and by exactly how much, you can determine 

how they interpret the Reality and exactly what 
level of consciousness they're on. There are 

quicker ways, actually, but this way is fundamental

to existence itself.

Thoth said to draw nine concentric circles and 
put a square around each one so that it fits perfecdy 

(one side of the square and the diameter of the circle 

inside it will be equal), as in Figure 9-1. In this way 
you have equal male and female energies. Then see 
Fig. 9-1. Concentric circles and 
how die squares interact with the circles—how the
squares. The darker circles and squares male energy interacts with the female energy. The key, according to Thoth, 
are the pairs that approximate the phi 
ratio. They also locate the first and is how closely the perimeter of the square and the circumference of the circle 
third levels of human consciousness. 
(One grid unit equals one radius of the approximate the phi ratio. This is the key to human life.
one-half side 
center circle or of the Finding Near-Perfect Phi Ratios
square that surrounds it. One can see 
that the diameter of the center circle 
and one edge of its surrounding square Looking at the innermost square, no circles cross it; the same is true for 
are the same length.)
the second square. The third square begins to penetrate the fourth circle,

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