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Spirit and Sacred Geometry

The Third Informational System 

in the Fruit of Life

hat you are about to read is a subject outside most human 
thought. I ask you to read this with a little faith, and to care- 
fully begin to see in a new way. It may not make sense until you

are deep into the subject. It revolves around the idea that all consciousness, 
solely based on sacred geometry. 
including human, is Because it is, we can be- 
gin to see and understand where we have come from, where we are now and 

where we are going.

Remember that the Fruit of Life is the basis of all thirteen informational 
systems, and that it is by superimposing male straight lines in unique ways 

over the female circles of the Fruit of Life that these systems are created. In 
me first eight chapters we investigated two of these systems. The first sys- 

tem created Metatron's Cube, which generated the five Platonic solids. 

These forms created structure throughout the universe.

The second system, which we touched on lightly, was created by straight 
lines coming from the center of the Fruit of Life and concentric circles, thus 

creating the polar graph. This in turn created the star tetrahedron in- 
scribed in a sphere, which is the basis of how vibration, sound, harmonics, 

music and matter are interrelated in all of creation.

The Circles and Squares of Human Consciousness

We will approach this third informational system indirectly. The 

source, the Fruit of Life, will reveal itself as we proceed. We'll call this new 

system circles and squares of human consciousness. It's what the Chinese 
called circling the square and squaring the circle.

According to Thoth, all levels of consciousness in the universe are inte- 

gratedbyasingleimageinsacredgeometry. Itisthekeytotime,spaceand 
dimension as well as consciousness itself. Thoth also said that even emo- 

tions and thoughts are based on sacred geometry, but that subject will have 
to wait until later in this book.

For each level of consciousness there is an associated geometry that

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