Page 9 - The Alchemists Way
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Operant conditioning 


CHAPTER SIX: he Source of our Patterns 83 

he womb: our initial, formative environment

he miracle of birth

Early interactions with our parents

CHAPTER SEVEN: Mirror Mirror 92 


Relationships as mirrors

CHAPTER EIGHT: Sensations and Awareness 98 

he sensory system

Awareness: he secret key to freedom

Beginning the process of awareness

Awareness of sensations

How to observe sensations 

Awareness: the key to transformation

CHAPTER NINE: he hree-Part Brain 113 


SECTION 3 – An Alchemical Process: he hree Steps

CHAPTER TEN: Preparing to Practice the hree Steps 123 

Exercise 1

he language of sensation 

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Practicing the hree Steps 132 


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