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keep the list short. I honour and thank Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, for 

setting the light alame 2500 years ago and sharing Vipassana meditation with 

the world. I thank S.N. Goenka for amazingly availing Vipassana meditation 

worldwide free of charge. His teaching eliminates barriers to learning and 

practicing Vipassana, and I personally have beneitted greatly from it.

hank you, Peter Levine, for your pioneering work in the ield of trauma 

and for making this knowledge accessible through your faculty of trainers. 

hank you, Diane and Raja, for your invaluable wisdom and sharing. I have 

gained so much from the Somatic Experiencing trainings.

Life has brought so many people to help me on this journey: in my former 

businesses, in all the therapies and sessions in which I have learned. hank you 

to you all.

hank you to my mom and dad for bringing me into this world. My rela- 

tionship with my mother has gone through many shades. I am proud to share 

that she too has been a guiding light for me. And I take this time to bow in 

honoring you, Mom; thank you for everything. Yvette, my elder sister has been 

of great support throughout much of my life and we have navigated some dif- 

icult times together and Chantall, my younger sister, has taught me many 

lessons. hank you to both of you.

My greatest lessons have been learnt through my relationships, especially 

with those I love. Zia, thank you for joining me in this life and on my journey 

in opening my heart. You are an amazing woman and I am happy that you are 

the mother of our little girl. You are a great mother. To my daughter, Suia, my 

little princess, I love you and thank you for being you. I love being your father. 

You too have taught me so many things; most importantly, how to love and 

how to have fun.

And to you, the reader, for reading and letting me share: hank you.


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