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getic focus and kicked me into my next stage of life by shoving me out of 

the business world. My new business partner defrauded me—along with 

several other investors—and led the country. I was left in debt, with huge 

overheads and no income stream. Every door I tried to open to generate cash 

slammed shut, and I was technically bankrupt, losing practically everything 

that I owned.

After striving so hard and then losing my business, I was at wit’s end. 

I surrendered and said to existence, ‘Okay, now you take care of me.’ By let- 

ting go, it was a huge turning point in my life, and the beginning of my 

transition from the business world to that of being a therapist.

When I quit my business and moved on with my life and left my sister 

in charge. It was then that the business inally started to generate money. In 

hindsight, it was obvious that I was meant to move on. Now that I had 

taken the dreaded steps, existence began to support me inancially.

By selling an old Mercedes Benz and, for a year, receiving a regular sal- 

ary from my former business, I temporarily had enough money while I 

explored my spiritual path. I went to a spiritual commune in India, one of 

the largest centres in the world for meditation and transformation. here, 

I continued my intensive psycho-emotional work and meditation.

I went on a fourteen-day meditation retreat in Chennai, and afterwards 

took a pilgrimage around Mount Aranachula in Tiruvanumalai, where Rama- 

na Maharishi had become enlightened. hree days later, I met and had lunch 

with Zia, the woman who—a month later—would become my wife. Little 

did I know that I was about to enter a seven-year ‘marriage workshop’, one 

of the most important workshops in my life.

Zia and I were at a friend’s house. A marriage procession was making its 

cacophonous way down the street outside.

She turned to me and said, ‘Look at those people destroying their lives.’ 

he next morning I woke up beside her.

‘Do you want to destroy your life and marry me?’ I asked her.

I was in love. She was a beautiful, talented woman. We were both on 

conscious, spiritual paths. I saw us as soul mates, and that ours was a true 

love which would last forever. I cried, a poignant moment in which I deeply


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