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We are not just walking heads. All of our patterns and strategies, includ- 

ing how we conduct our business, are based in our bodies; and the hree 

Steps is the key to transforming the body and, with it, the mind.

Walking Heads

he Alchemist’s Way also takes us on a journey to open our hearts. We 

all protect our hearts and shy away from feeling sadness and hurt. We do 

anything so as not to feel the pain and anguish of the heart, and instead resort 

to strategies of ighting and leeing. In order to open the heart, however, we 

must also master the emotions of fear, anger, shame and sadness, and learn 

how to be in love, joy and gratitude. he heart will only feel safe to open to 

its ininite nature once we have done this processing work.

How to open our hearts and work with various diicult emotions and 

states of being is explained in the book’s last section: Section Four: Emo- 

tional Alchemy. he key to this work is the hree Steps, which is fully 

explained in Section hree—Alchemy in action. In fact, you may want to 

begin with Section hree in order to familiarize yourself with the hree Steps 

before proceeding either to Section Four or the previous sections.

Section Two—he Importance of the Body—explains the theory behind 

the hree Steps and why it is so successful in transforming our thoughts, 

emotions and behavioural patterns. It explains that the root of all our patterns


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