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leads us towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual liberation.

Everyone I have met who has integrated the hree Steps into their lives 

has beneited. I have taught people from all walks of life: mothers, fathers, 

businesspeople, professionals and schoolchildren. Because the hree Steps is 

a natural approach to supporting the body-mind towards health and 

wellbeing, it has deepened the practices of yoga teachers, tai chi masters, 

psychologists, massage therapists, and Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique 

practitioners, as well as physicians, dentists, psychiatrists and counsellors. If 

all doctors could share the hree Steps with their patients, many ills, which 

medication only manages, would be cured.

By prioritizing awareness of bodily sensations—and because the body is 

consciousness, always in the present—the hree Steps helps people become 

more conscious. Meditators of all disciplines will beneit from the knowledge 

within these pages. In particular, Vipassana meditators will proit tremen- 

dously because they already have some sensitivity and tolerance towards 

sensations and know of their importance. he hree Steps will give them a 

new understanding about the relationship between sensations and our various 

states of being.

Parents can give no better gift to their children than to master their own 

emotions. Children learn much more from what parents do than what they 

say, so through the hee Steps you will give them a strong foundation upon 

which to build their lives.

Familiarity with bodily sensations will add a new dimension to the prac- 

tice of tai chi and yoga, and will give that extra ‘edge’ to sportspeople, danc- 

ers and performers of all kinds. Martial artists, boxers, and all ilks of ighters 

will beneit hugely from increasing their inner knowledge of their bodies and 

minds. hey will be able to transform bodily patterns that hinder them in 

that crucial moment during the heat of a ight.

With the hree Steps, businesspeople can master their negotiation skills, 

transform their strategies and manage their stress and health. If you are a busi- 

nessperson, do you aggressively ‘go for the kill’ and lose out on great 

possibilities because the other party walks away from the deal? Or do you cave 

in when pressure mounts, always getting the short end of the stick? How much 

conlict and discord are you constantly handling? If you were to examine your 

life, how many patterns could you identify that waste your time and energy?


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