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I believe that the answer to health, happiness and wellbeing is in having 

an open, loving heart. I know the answer to all our misery and sufering is 

within us. I have seen how the body holds the secrets to our health and 

wellbeing and I believe the road to riches resides within our unique constel- 

lation of mind and body patterns. I believe that an inner revolution has to 

take place for us to achieve harmony, abundance and wellbeing in the world. 

For this inner revolution to occur there needs to be an integration of our 

instincts, emotions and intellect. When this occurs a new way of being 

unfolds. I have written he Alchemist’s Way to share some of the alchemical 

secrets that have helped me to transform my life.

he legend of the Alchemist is about turning lead (base metal) into gold. 

he Alchemist’s Way shows you how to do that at the human level, the base 

metal being a metaphor for our diicult emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred 

and grief and the gold being a metaphor for the opening of the heart and 

experiencing, love, joy and gratitude. he Alchemist’s Way introduces an 

alchemical process called the hree Steps which shows you how to go inwards 

and turn lead into gold.

here is a kind of glue holding our unwanted thoughts, emotions and 

behaviours in place. he hree Steps not only dissolves the ‘glue that binds’ 

us to a seemingly endless cycle of re-enacting stories in which we no longer 

want to participate, but it also re-conigures the whole body-mind nexus and


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