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Tagalog language. Two novels, 

Noli me Tangere and El Filibus- 

terismo, described the cultural 

degradation that resulted from 

Spanish colonial rule. Returning 

to Manila in 1892 he founded 

La Liga Filipina. Despite his 

peaceful approach to reform, he 

was deported to a rural area

where he set about raising the quality of life with farming, 

public water supply, a school, and a hospital. Leaders of a 

rebellion naturally looked to Rizal, and he left to do medical 

work in Cuba, but was recalled, tried, and executed. The 

United States succeeded Spain as colonial power after their 

1898 war, suppressing the Philippine rebellion in a war last- 

ing until 1916. Independence came only in 1946.

Along with Tagore, Gandhi, and Sun Yat-Sen in China, 

Rizal stands as a founder of modern Asian culture. In the 

preface to Noli me Tangere Rizal wrote: “Whenever, in the 

midst of modern civilizations, I have tried to call up thy dear 

image, O my country! either for the comradeship of remem- 

brance or to compare thy life with that about me, I have seen 

thy fair face disfigured and distorted by a hideous social can- 

cer. Eager for thy health, which is our happiness, and seeking 

the best remedy for thy pain, I am about to do with thee 

what the ancients did with their sick: they exposed them on 

the steps of their temples, that every one who came to adore 

the divinity within might offer a remedy.” His final poem, 

written the day before his death, includes this stanza:

When our still dwelling-place wraps night’s dusky mantle 
about her,

Leaving the dead alone with the dead, to watch till the 


Break not our rest, and seek not to lay death’s mystery 


If now and then thou shouldst hear the string of a lute or 

a zithern,

Mine is the hand, dear country, and mine is the voice 

that is singing.

Note: this feature was suggested by Ica Fernandez and 

prepared by the editor.

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