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Seth responded with frustration. “How can you be so flippant and happy 

about it, Uncle Bob? This is a really big thing!”

Uncle Bob smiled and tried hard not to laugh. “Yes, you are absolutely 

right Seth. It is a really big thing, as you say. But the first point you must 

understand is that this is a celebration for us. Let me explain. When you 

are Home it is exactly the opposite of what you experience on Earth. 
Birth and death are the two major transitions in each human life. When a 

soul takes a body for one of these journeys, it must go through the most 

difficult transition of the soul. That transition is birth. It is not easy 

lowering your vibration and limiting your Light, then entering the illusion 

of the timeline in order to have a human experience. When a soul enters 

a body to have a human experience, the separation anxiety alone is 

enough to make one back out and stay Home. It is for that reason that 

the spirit enters the body slowly over 11 to 15 years of time. For the 
human, birth is the easiest transition and on Earth birth is celebrated as a 

new beginning. You will soon discover that on this side of the veil of 

forgetfulness we celebrate the same way when a human dies. In fact, 

we really know how to party as you will discover.”

Uncle Bob then looked at Seth and realized that this was probably too 

much too fast and he added, “You will soon understand, there is no need 

to rush anything. I am here now to help you release the body and 
explain some of the basics.”

“Thanks, Uncle Bob. I really appreciate you being here,” Seth said, not 

sure what to think of all this.

Uncle Bob replied, “Actually you asked me to meet you here when you 

were finished. You asked me to do this long before you were born and I 

am honored to be of service. Besides, I could not let such an important 

event go unassisted especially for my favorite nephew. It’s really good to 
see you Seth, we have missed you.” Uncle Bob placed his hand on 

Seth’s back and the two started to walk together.

“Now, let me answer some of your questions and fill you in on some of 

the basics.” Seth began to walk but strangely could not feel the hand of 

his beloved uncle on his back.

“So, does this mean that I am in Heaven?” Seth blurted out.

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