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The Greeter

Just then, a young attendant in a white uniform entered the room. The 

nurse doing the paperwork said, “He’s all yours,” as the attendant 

attached something to the foot of the dead body and then left. One by 
one, all of the others finished their duties and left the room. A moment 

later, the room was empty. With the realization that this was his death 

Seth started to entertain other thoughts. Just as his mind began to grasp 

the implications of it all, he heard a voice that sounded just like his Uncle 

Bob who died more than 15 years prior. Uncle Bob was Seth’s favorite 

uncle and he always loved his jolly, fun-loving attitude toward life.

Seth heard Uncle Bob’s voice. “Not so fast, Seth. Take it all in and just be 
with it for a time. This is a big step, and believe me, there’s no hurry.”

Seth began searching the room for where Uncle Bob’s voice was coming 

from, but it wasn’t until he turned full circle that he was facing his uncle.

Uncle Bob started to explain, “Yes Seth, you are no longer carrying that 


Seth quickly glanced down at his body and examined his hands. “Looks 

fine to me,” he said.

Uncle Bob responded, “Yeah I know, but as soon as you begin to see 

yourself the way you really are, you will no longer need the illusion of the 

body. Not to worry, there is plenty of time to adjust.” Uncle Bob began 

chuckling to himself and Seth didn’t understand. “For now there are 

several events that will take place to help you make the transition back 

Home and I am here to help get you started. First of all, do you have any 

Seth was afraid to ask the question foremost in his mind, but the moment 

he thought about it Uncle Bob answered him. “Yes, you are dead Seth. 

Actually, we don’t really use that word. As you will soon discover, it is 

really more like what you call birth than what you call death. In any 

event, your time in the bubble of biology is over for now.”

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