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Looking around the room at the faces of all the people gathered around 

the bed, Seth remembered one of the nurses who was now attempting to 

hide her tears. Her name suddenly jumped into his mind, even though he 

could not see her nametag. At that very moment, she looked up at the 

ceiling as if she was looking directly at him. Seth felt her stare go straight 

to his heart and a second later she hurried out of the room. The person in 
charge looked at the clock in the room and said the time out loud while 

she pulled off her purple rubber gloves, throwing them on a stainless 

steel table in frustration as she walked out of the room. One of the 

remaining nurses then switched off the equipment and leaned over the 

bed to remove the oxygen mask from the now lifeless body. Seth didn’t 

like this dream and he wanted it to end now. He remembered why he 

hated hospitals so much and was ready to wake up. However, before he 

did, he wanted to see who it was, so he hovered directly over the bed for 
a better look.

Seth had a strange detached and calm feeling as memories started 

flooding back into his mind. He suddenly remembered the heart disease 

he had been struggling with for the past two years, and all the people 

who had come into his life to help him heal. Now he knew why the nurse 

looked so familiar. Seth looked closer at the body lying in the bed below. 

As he moved in very close, a strange calm came over him as he now 
knew that he was staring at his own body. “So, I guess this is death,” he 

said to himself aloud.

He stayed for a time and just watched the hospital staff remove the 

equipment, as one nurse filled out some paperwork on one of the 

stainless steel tables. Seth’s lifeless body was still on the bed as they 

began detaching all the wires and tubes. He expected to be angry or 

upset that they gave up and let him die, but he wasn’t. The body below 

on the bed was not the real him and he knew it somehow. He felt like he 
was still alive and still had his body. He looked down at his own legs and 

feet and everything looked normal to him. He noticed that he was even 

wearing his favorite shoes.

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