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The tranquility of a new morning surrounded Seth as he awoke from a 

peaceful night’s sleep. Knowing that once he opened his eyes the 

demands of the day would probably divert him from this joy, he kept them 
closed a little longer than usual. Then with a final push, he opened his 

eyes and prepared to jump into daily life one more time. As the sleep 

faded from his eyes, he became aware of his surroundings. To his 

surprise, he was not in his bedroom.

There was a great deal of commotion in the room as people were hastily 

attending to the person in the bed close to where Seth was now 

standing. The antiseptic white walls and chrome furnishings told him that 
this was a hospital. All attention in the room focused on the person that 

lay in the bed. Under normal circumstances, Seth would have been 

bothered: he never liked hospitals. Yet, even with all this commotion, he 

noticed how strangely calm he felt. Trying to stay out of the way, he 

moved to a corner of the room where he could observe. He began 

wondering who the person was in the bed, and why everyone seemed so 

concerned. From the look on everyone’s face, he knew that this was a 

life-threatening situation and, as a matter of habit, sent off a brief prayer 
for the person in the bed. Then, at almost the same instant, he began to 

wonder why he was in this room in the first place.

At that very moment time seemed to stop, and like a series of short film 

clips many important events in Seth’s life began to flash through his 

memory. Even the “really bad” experiences seemed to appear in a 

different light, as if he was seeing everything from the perspective of a 

neutral observer. Before he could even process what he had just seen, 

Seth found himself floating upward toward the ceiling. He didn’t give it 
another thought and just assumed he was dreaming. He was more 

interested in seeing who was in the bed and from up here he could 

almost see the strangely familiar face. The man’s face was partially 

obscured by an oxygen mask, tubes and tape, but looked familiar to him 

and he searched his memory but he couldn’t place it. The staff was busy 

and seemed very worried attempting to revive the man, but he was not 


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