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From the Author

Although this is a relatively small book it took several years to complete. 
This book was originally written as a fiction story that could illustrate 

many of the important truths that the group has shared with us over the 

years. It was not until completion that I was made aware that this was 

the story of my own previous lifetimes. The stories and characters are 

deeply ingrained in my own experience as a spirit pretending to be a 

human. I am proud to share them with you here.

This book would not have happened without the special guidance and 
help from the group but also from some very special spirits pretending to 

be a human.

Elke Valkenaers – Writing Assistant, Muse, Inspirationalist and 

Slave Driver.

Barbara Rother – Whom my world revolves around for the last 45 


Austin Rother – Always with the right answers at the right time.

Veronique Kaiser – Editor has been helping us look our best for 

many years.

A very special thanks to



The Keeper of Time

who interact with me daily since the writing of this book.

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