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that is always called Home. The place you are in at this moment is my 

Home and my most supportive surrounding, customized just for me.”

“Why are we here?”

“Good question. I’m what we call your ‘tutor.’ It’s my job to help you re- 

member Home when you return here. It’s a contract that we made a long 
time before you were born. You could say that I’m here to teach you to 

stretch out and get comfortable at Home.”

“Is that your only purpose?”

“Heavens, no! Each one of us is on our own evolutionary path as a soul. 

You could say that we are the actualization of God. I am just shifting my 

energy for a time to fulfill an agreement I made with you a long time ago. 
You see, we all have important things to do, even here at Home. You 

didn’t think we just sat around on clouds all day, did you? The most 

important task for me to do right now is to tutor you.”

“Okay, so that means that I can ask any questions I like, right?”

“‘Tis what I live for,” Aunt Ruth said with a smile as she dramatically 

bowed toward Seth.

“If this is your Home, how did you get it and what or who determines 

where you live?”

“I do. Actually, I determine everything in my reality. All anyone does is 

hold a thought and it manifests. The same is true even when you’re on 

the game board of Earth. But on Earth you have to deal with the veil of 

forgetfulness and the time lag, and that messes up most creations. . . 

which is often a blessing considering the chaotic thoughts many people 
have. Right now, you are in my reality because we have work to do and 

you’re not yet re-membering how things work. That’s why I created the 

reality we share at this moment. Little by little, you’ll re-member the 

creation process and create your own reality. Then, we’ll meet at your 


With that answer, Seth closed his eyes as his imagination began to drift 

to the endless possibilities of Aunt Ruth’s statement. Upon opening his

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