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Seth who gave it to her. She was always a part of his life even after she 

died. Seth enjoyed seeing her again. His memories of her had faded 

after she died of cancer when he was twelve, but all those memories now 

flooded back as she stood before him, smiling as only Aunt Boof could.

“Come on now. Get off your ass. We gotta get going. Don’t want to be 

late for your own funeral, do you?” As she began walking into the mist 
with Seth in tow, she muttered under her breath, “Ya know, your dad 

always said you’d be late for your own funeral.”

Moments later, they were in a very cozy house with rugs on the walls, 

tapestries hanging from the ceiling and three big bean bag chairs on a 

warm wooden floor.

“Have a seat and we’ll get started,” Aunt Ruth said as she pushed Seth 
into one of the bean bags. “Did I tell you that I invented the bean bag 

chair?” she asked, half smiling. Seth did not take the bait as he knew it 

was useless to argue with her, so he just smiled.

Ruth continued, “You got questions and I got answers. That’s why we’re 

here, so fire when ready.”

“Well, for starters where are we exactly?”

“We’re Home. Well, my Home to be exact.”

“Am I dead? Is this Heaven?”

“That’s two questions. You know better than that,” Ruth chided gently, 

shaking her finger.

“Okay, am I dead?” 

“Yep. Ain’t it grand?” 

“Is this Heaven?”

“Well, sort of. I call it Home with a capital H. You see, the word ‘Heaven’ 

has lost its meaning over the years, but the short answer to your 

question is yes. You have returned to the place where you began and

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