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Welcome Home

Seth sat peacefully, watching the grass blowing in the wind, and jumped 

up when he heard a voice just behind him.

“Well, what the hell you sittin’ around for? Come on now, we got things 

to do.”

It was a familiar voice and it got Seth’s attention the moment he heard it. 

Seth thought for a moment, but he couldn’t place it. Turning around to 

look behind him he saw no one. Facing forward again he was startled to 

see a vaguely familiar woman standing directly in front of him, as if she 

had just appeared out of nowhere. Then it came to him.

“Aunt Ruth?”

“Yep, it’s me all right. Who were you expecting? Elvis?”

Memories flooded Seth, as he recalled Aunt Ruth from his childhood. 

She was his mother’s best friend and a very special character. She was 

around a lot when Seth was growing up and she taught him a lot. She 
was so close to the family that Seth always knew her as ‘Aunt’ even 

though they weren’t actually related. She could make everyone smile the 

moment she walked into the room. She was one of his favorite people 

growing up, as she always had a direct connection with Seth and knew 

how to make him feel special. He remembered how, as a youngster, he 

couldn’t pronounce her name. “Aunt Boof” was the best he could do. The 

first time he said it, everyone laughed so hard that from that point 

forward Ruth was lovingly known to all as ‘Aunt Boof.’

A rebel of sorts, Aunt Ruth loved to tell stories and jokingly took credit for 

things as if she invented them just to see if you were paying attention. 

She never took herself or anyone else too seriously. Aunt Ruth even lived 

with Seth’s family for a while after her husband died. That was fine with 

him, although it threatened his mother a little as Seth often went to Ruth 

instead of her for advice. She was also concerned that Ruth showed 

Seth more attention than she did the others, even her own two children. 
Still, those few months gave Aunt Ruth and Seth time to make a bond 

that went very deep. Ruth cherished the name Aunt Boof, because it was

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