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Entering the Gate

After a while, Jennifer hung up the phone and hugged her husband. She 

started to call her brother when Uncle Bob’s voice broke Seth’s attention. 

“You about ready, chief?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Seth responded. “I’m not sure where we’re going, but 

after this I can honestly say I’m ready. I feel very complete. But can I 

come back here again?”

“Oh, yeah, my guess is that you’ll be here a lot.”

For the first time Seth saw Uncle Bob standing before him with his hand 
extended for him to take, but before taking it Seth thought back to being 

in his daughter’s room when he tried to touch her and couldn’t. However, 

to Seth’s surprise he felt Uncle Bob’s firm grip. The love Seth felt from his 

uncle in that touch was almost overwhelming. Suddenly a series of 

questions flooded Seth’s mind as he heard himself blurting them out 

without pausing for answers. “What happens when we die? What’s next? 

Does this happen to everyone? Do we always visit someone like that? 

How come—”

Uncle Bob stopped Seth mid-sentence. “Slow down. It will all become 

clear in a very short time. You have some excellent tutors waiting for you 

and they’ll help you remember everything.”

“But what about you, Uncle Bob, aren’t you going to be with me?”

“No, my job is almost done. We can see each other any time you like, but 

my contract is almost complete. A long time ago I agreed to play a very 
important part in your life. I agreed to meet you here at the end of your 

life when you crossed over. Right now, it’s best to keep moving so you 

don’t get attached here. So, when you’re ready take three steps in this 


Feeling a little reluctant, Seth took a step forward. On the third step, he 

found himself moving effortlessly through a long tunnel that seemed to 

go on forever. The music that filled his brain was something that he had

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