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Soul Grounding

Seth had been so engaged in his conversation with his uncle that he had 

not given thought to his own death. Now he began to think about the 

larger implications of his death and his thoughts immediately went toward 
his youngest daughter, Jennifer. Seth had been working on their 

relationship lately and thought they had really made some progress in 

the last few years. He had been worried about some of the choices 

Jennifer was making. The strain of Seth’s illness had affected her more 

than anyone else in the family. She told him one time that she felt 

responsible for him. And even though Seth did not want her to be 

obligated, he loved the new relationship they were creating and she 

really enjoyed it as well. He wondered what his passing would mean to 
her and what she was experiencing right now. In that very instant, Seth 

found himself in Jennifer’s bedroom. It was late at night and the entire 

house was dark and quiet. She lay in bed next to her husband, both of 

them in a deep sleep.

Without knowing why or how, Seth began to talk to Jennifer as she slept. 

Jennifer’s husband, lying next to her, rolled over just then, as if to give 

them space to talk alone. Jennifer, half asleep, mumbled back to her 
father. Even though she didn’t use complete words he understood his 

daughter perfectly.

“Are you all right, Daddy?” she asked.

Seth was flooded with all that he wanted to share with her. He wanted to 

tell her all the things he failed to say during their time together. He 

wanted to tell her all the things he had just learned from his encounter 

with Uncle Bob. He wanted to show her all of his heart, and let her know 
how very important she was in his life. Instead, he answered her directly 

with the most important message he could give her, “Yes, honey, I am 

better than I’ve ever been. I am perfectly wonderful and you are going to 

be perfectly wonderful as well. Don’t worry about me, honey, I am free. 

Tell your brother and sister that I will always be right here, that I love you 

all and that we are still a family.”

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