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“OK Uncle Bob, now I have some specific questions. You keep talking 

about humans as if you are not one. You were my uncle and very 

human, so why do you talk about us as if we are separate?”

“Great question Seth, no one is really a human. You are a spirit 

pretending to play a game within a bubble of biology that you call the 

human race. You have been playing this game within a magnetic field 
that you call duality. Within a field of duality you see everything in 

contrast, such as up and down, black or white, right or wrong, good or 

bad, love or fear. You are a spirit pretending to be human. Since I 

returned Home and re-membered, I know who and what I am and 

although my core personality is that of the man you knew to be your 

Uncle Bob, I have reunited with all the aspects of my true nature as will 


“You talk of this place Home. Is this Heaven you are talking about and 

what about Hell?”

“Again, your vision is tainted with the polarity that exists within the field of 

duality. Humans devised the concept of Heaven because most humans 

intuitively know they are not from Earth, and shortly after invented the 

contrast known as Hell. It was used widely as a means of control. There 

was a lot of laughter at Home about that one! But then again it is free 
choice, isn’t it? Home is where our spirit resides. You can call it Heaven 

if you like, but there is no opposite. Even when we are on Earth playing 

the game some of our spirit remains at Home. That part of our spirit that 

remains at Home is often called the higher self and keeps you in 

constant connection to Home. This will be much clearer soon so be 

patient, dear boy.”

“Seth, you now have all that I can give you at this meeting. Think of me 

and I will appear before you at any time to help guide the way. For now, 
there are other things that need your attention. Know that as you have 

stepped out of the body you are in a state of enhanced creation, yet, 

interacting with humans the way you did before may be difficult. The best 

advice I can give you is the same advice I gave you when I was your 

uncle. Follow your heart, Seth, it knows the way Home.”

With that, Uncle Bob was gone.

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