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“So what is next for me, Uncle Bob?”

“Dear Seth, that is up to you. You may stay or return Home and there is 

no right or wrong about it, it is simply another choice and all choices are 

honored. When you are ready to return Home, just hold that thought and 

an opening will appear before you. Enter that opening without 
attachment to any human emotion and you will be Home.”

“What about the emotion of love, Uncle Bob?”

“Love is much more than an emotion, Seth, as you will find out, but I said 

human emotion. It is not possible to be attached to true love, as it is 

unconditional. It is only the human interpretation of love as conditional 

love, which can anchor a spirit to the Earth realm. And Seth, please 
know that even the fear of not being able to return Home is a human 

emotion that can block your path. Fear in all of its forms is only the 

absence of love and unique to the human experience. All of what you 

call negative emotions is fear-based. Fear does not exist at Home. It is 

interesting that every single human will die at some point, yet rarely do 

you discuss the subject. Humans ignore it all their lives until it is upon 

them and then they fear it. These transitions are very important to the 

collective human experience, and if only you addressed it beforehand the 
fear would be removed. Imagine how different our conversation would 

be right now if this subject was taught to you in school alongside of math 

and language.”

“So, what happens if I do get stuck on Earth?”

“It’s important to understand that no one ever gets stuck. If you do not 

go through the gate, it is by your own choice. If you decide that you are 

unhappy with your reality you can always choose again. It may be that 
this point is easier to understand than what I will share with you next. 

Since all choice is honored, it is not wrong to be in fear or to remain on 

Earth without the body. The concepts of right and wrong are only 

illusions of polarity on the game board of Earth and they keep your spirit 

anchored to the Earth realm. It is also not necessary to clear all of your 

negative emotions to enter the gate. What will keep you from entering 

the gate is attachment to those emotions.”

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