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Uncle Bob laughed and said, “Not exactly, in fact you may find that some 

of your ideas about what you call Heaven may not fit the way they did 

when you were in the bubble of biology. I will tell you the most important 

points that you need to know for now. Your full re-membering will begin 

soon enough, not to worry. For now, know that your spirit entered the 

game of free choice in a human body. The game of free choice only 

exists because of the illusion of what you know to be time. Your game 
has now ended and you have released your body; however you have not 

yet left the game board. In fact, you still have total free choice in all 

matters. For instance, if you decided that this conversation was not real, 

I would disappear in an instant.”

“Please stay, Uncle Bob.”

“Not to worry, Seth. I am here for you as we agreed and you have only to 
think of me for me to reappear. Thanks for allowing me to help you, Seth. 

You see, many who transition are so attached to a human emotion that 

they often miss these contracts all together. In fact, if they stay attached 

to human emotions they stay on the game board without their bodies. 

You often call these ghosts.”

Seth looked at his uncle and asked, “Does that mean that they are stuck, 

Uncle Bob?”

“Not really,” Uncle Bob responded, “as they still have free choice. Their 

state comes from their attachment to any human emotion, as these 

emotions only exist on the game board of planet Earth. The moment 

they choose to release their attachment to the emotion they return Home 

again. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that everything is really 

going well in your game and for no apparent reason suddenly someone 

takes your life. If you get angry about it and cannot release that anger, 

you will stay on Earth.”

“How long can that last?” Seth asked.

“No, you still don’t get it, Seth,” Uncle Bob responded. “There are souls 

currently on Earth who died in the American Civil War of the 1800s, but 

to them they died only an hour ago. In fact, many of them replay their 

own deaths over and over again in a seemingly endless loop. This 

explanation should be enough for now. We’ll get back to it later.”

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