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And at the same time, their griddles and pots spoke: "Pain and suffering you have caused us. 

Our mouths and our faces were blackened with soot; we were always put on the fire and you 
burned us as though we felt no pain. Now you shall feel it, we shall burn you," said their pots, 

and they all destroyed their [the wooden men's] faces. The stones of the hearth, which were 
heaped together, hurled themselves straight from the fire against their heads causing them 


The desperate ones [the men of wood] ran as quickly as they could; they wanted to climb to 

the tops of the houses.

And the houses fell down and threw them to the ground; they wanted to climb to the treetops, 

and the trees cast them far away; they wanted to enter the caverns, and the caverns repelled 


So was the ruin of the men who had been created and formed, the men made to be destroyed 

and annihilated; the mouths and faces of all of them were mangled.

And it is said that their descendants are the monkeys which now live in the forests; these are 
all that remain of them because their flesh was made only of wood by the Creator and the 


And therefore the monkey looks like man, and is an example of a generation of men which 

were created and made but were only wooden figures.

I. Chapter 4

IT WAS CLOUDY AND TWILIGHT THEN ON the face of the earth. There was no sun yet. 

Nevertheless, there was a being called Vucub-Caquix, who was very proud of himself.

The sky and the earth existed, but the faces of the sun and the moon were covered.

And he [Vucub-Caquix] said: "Truly, they are clear examples of those people who were 
drowned, and their nature is that of supernatural beings.

"I shall now be great above all the beings created and formed. I am the sun, the light, the 

moon," he exclaimed. "Great is my splendor. Because of me men shall walk and conquer. For 

my eyes are of silver, bright, resplendent as precious stones, as emeralds; my teeth shine like 
perfect stones, like the face of the sky. My nose shines afar like the moon, my throne is of 

silver, and the face of the earth is lighted when I pass before my throne.

"So, then, I am the sun, I am the moon, for all mankind. So shall it be, because I can see very 


So Vucub-Caquix spoke. But he was not really the sun; he was only vainglorious of his 

feathers and his riches. And he could see only as far as the horizon, and he could not see over 

all the world.

The face of the sun had not yet appeared, nor that of the moon, nor the stars, and it had not 
dawned. Therefore, Vucub-Caquix became as vain as though he were the sun and the moon,

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